ADR Question


We’re wanting to do Chef Mickey’s in late August. A calculator told me that 90 days out is May 25. If I call before then and try to make an ADR, what are they going to tell me? I want to say that last year I made a reservation more than 90 days out, but I’m not going to bother if they won’t do it now. Has anyone made a reservation more than 90 days out?


You did make a reservation last year more than 90 days out, you aren’t losing your mind! :laugh: They recently changed the system from 180 days down to 90 days.

I would suggest calling prior to the day you think you can make them, and ask the CM what day you can call. That way, you aren’t wasting time on a day that’s too soon, or miss it by a day.

Don’t forget, if you are staying on site, you can make ADRs for the first day of your stay, plus up to 10 days past that. So, if you want Chef Mickey’s for the 3rd or 4th day of your trip, you can call earlier, based on the date you check in.

I would just call.


Chek Mickey’s and CRT ( and one other place that I can not remember)are 180 days out and everything else is 90 days. At least that is how it was when I made ADr’s doe upcoming trip!!:laugh:


Thanks! I’ll call today and check. We are wanting the breakfast for the 23rd but checking in on the 20th. I called yesterday and got a message sayiing something about booking for between May 26 and August 20, so I think I should be safe. I had to hang up before getting a rep because of some screaming on the part of my 4 yr old.


Unfortunately, CRT and Chef Mickey’s reservations are at 90 days now too for stays after June 18th.


Ok, I did call and even though we are checking in on the 20th, they are only booking up through August 21 right now, so I need to call back in 2 days to book. Lol, wish they could have told me that before sitting on the phone giving them all my info for 10 mins. Oh well, I’ll be sure to call back in 2 days!


OK, I’m confused as to how you could call in 2 days to book that, because that’s not 90 days out. We’re checking in on Aug. 15th (5 days before you), and my 90 days is this Sunday, 5/17. If you’re checking in 5 days after me, then I don’t think you can make any 90 day reservations until next Friday, 5/22. Am I missing something?


If you call their line now, the automated message says “If you are trying to book between May 26 and August 21, press one now”. The rep I spoke with also said they are only booking through August 21 right now(yesterday said the 20th), so in 2 days they would be accepting bookings for Aug 23, and to call back then. I’m not sure what the deal is because the calculator told me May 25 would be my 90 days out. But I’ll listen to her and call back in two days. If you are wanting to book something, I’d suggest calling, because from what the automated message and the rep both told me Aug 21.


I used the calculator and actually counted days on the calendar to make sure they matched. Does anyone know if they are doing bookings a few days early, or do they stick to the 90 days rule? It seems crazy to me that they would have a 90 day policy and then not enforce it.


OK, I think I get it. The Aug. 21st date is probably 90 + 10 days from today, because you can book 90 days from your arrival day + up to 10 days of your stay. So, the only way you could book for Aug. 21st right now is if Aug. 21st is the last day of your stay AND you are going to be there for 10 days. I cannot book until 5/17 and you cannot book until 5/22. You can go ahead and try tomorrow, but it makes sense to me now. Did the CM who told you to call back tomorrow already know when you were checking in?


Yes, she knew I was checking in on the 20th, I mentioned it ahead of time. But the automated message asking me if I was booking for between May 26 and August 21 did not know when I would be checking in, it was just the standard message when choosing options. BTW I called the 407-WDW-DINE number, if it matters at all.


I read on that they are starting to do ADR’s online. If that will help out.


It sounds like that’s only available to travel agents right now, and won’t be available to the public until after I get to make mine. I will be interested to hear how it works for everyone, though!


I’m just going to call back on Friday and make the reservation. I’ll update then and let you all know if I was successful.


Please do, I’ll be anxious to hear how it goes. I was telling DH about this tonight and he said maybe I should call tomorrow and check on it just to be safe. We really want to get CRT for DS B-Day on the 21st! Good luck!


I called Disney Dining last night about this VERY issue. Another CM had told me that I could call prior to 90 days for CRT & Mickey’s Backyard BBQ…that CM told me 100 days. When I called last night the CM I talked to told me "Absolutely not- it was 90 days -the only exception being for guests staying at a Disney resort who can call & make their reservations for their entire stay 90 days from their arrival date.:ohmy: Could someone PLEASE clarify this for us?? I know how hard it can be to get the ADRs we want, particularly for CRT & the BBQ…:blink:


April, I’m curious if you got your ressie this morning. What happened? At this point I’m still planning to call on Sun. morning.


Lol, well it seems more than one of us is getting more than one answer from the CM. They are booking up through the 23rd of August as of today, but that’s if you check in on the 13th of August. I was specifically told 2 days ago after she knew when I was checking in, that I could call back today and reserve, but called today and the gentleman I spoke with told me it had to be 90 days out from the day I arrived, so I can call back 90 days out from August 20, which is in 7 days. So it can be 100 days out, if you are arriving 10 days before you want the reservation. So for those still waiting, I’d call 90 days before the day you will be checking in(if you are staying on property), not 90 days before you want the ADR, unless of course you want the reservation more than 10 out from when you arrive. At least the gentleman today told me up front so I didn’t spend long on the phone lol.


If you already have a resort reservation, the rules have a loophole.
You can’t make reservations until you’re 90 days out, but once you’re at 90 days and have a hotel reservation, you can make reservations for the next 10 days, or technically 100 days (but only for your length of stay).
But I have already been locked out by this. At 90 days, I tried to reserve le Cellier for dinner (and I called at 7AM) and was told that there already were no reservations available after 4 PM. This was because people who were arriving days before me had already been able to make reservations for a day that was 99 days away instead of my 90.


Just to add to Soundgod’s post; in order to make ADRs at the 90 days out from check-in and to make them for up to 10 days of your stay , your hotel reservation must be for an on-site Disney property. So…if you are staying at a Disney resort, you can make reservations 90 days prior to check-in and can make them for up to 10 days of your stay. To figure out the 90 day mark, go to: PS Calculator 10.0