ADR Question


We’re planning to do dinner and MNSSHP with our friends who will be in WDW at the same time we are. Can I make one large ADR for all 9 of us and still use the DDP or will Disney not allow this since it won’t match up to both ressies? Or can I connect it to both vacation packages?


You make your reservation for your full party and once seated, have your check split however it works for your group. However, you will almost certainly get hit for the automatic 18% tip because the group is over 6 people. Reservations and the dining plan have nothing to do with one another.


What Soundgod said is absolutely right!

We ate at Le Cellier, Akerhaus and Teppan Edo with my extended family on our trip in May and we just let the server know who was on which dining plan and they took care of it! My family stayed at Pop while we were at Boardwalk Villas and Saratoga Springs. And it wasn’t a problem at all!


Awesome. Thanks so much for your help! I’m not concerned about the automatic gratuity as we always tip 20% anyway (as long as we didn’t get really awful service).