ADR Sugesstions? Here's what I'm thinking


Thursday~ Mickey’s Backyard BBQ ~if I can get it:crying:
Friday~ Lunch at Teppan Edo @ Japan Pavillion then campfire sing-along @ FW (light cs dinner of burgers/hot dogs)
Saturday~ Breakfast @ Cinderella’s Castle or dinner @ California Grill
Sunday~ Dinner @ California Grill or Breakfast @ Cinderella’s Castle (whichever I can’t get for Saturday)
Monday~ Breakfast somewhere…flight leaves @ 6pm

Has anyone eaten at Teppan Edo?? We thought this would be a nice change from character meals…


Looks like good Disney dining to me. I say go for Teppan…you won’t know if you like it there until you try it yourself, so go for it!


Yes, we ate there last year for an early dinner and it was delicious and entertaining! The chef was very funny and talkative, the food was super fresh! Great choice.


Your plans look good. I have never eaten at Tepan Edo but i have an ADR there On Friday May 15th. So i can let you know after that.


Tepan Edo was good! We try to eat at the Hibachi Tables (it used to be called Teppanyaki Grill) each time we go. The food is always great!


That last day try Ohana Breakfast…yummy!!


Looks good!:happy: You should like Teppan Edo, we really enjoyed the food in February. I loved the green tea pudding…yummy!:wub:

California Grill is also one our favorites too.:heart:

I agree with Pinocchios’s suggestion of Ohana breakfast. It is on our list every trip.:wub:

I can’t wait to hear your reviews on the BBQ, we have never been


I also can’t wait to hear your review on Mickey’s backyard BBQ I have read reviews on allears and my wife and I are not sure if we will try it or not the next time we go…
but it all sounds good to me…but right now anything at Disney if I was there would be wonderful to me…


Where is the Ohanas at? We have to do dinner EVERY trip! I’m also trying to get the castle for Sept 16 for lunch. Its my babys 8th bday.


Teppan Edo is DELISH!! We had it Wednesday for dinner!!! Only bad part is that we waited over an HOUR past our ADR!!


Teppan Edo was delicious! We ate there last wed too! We walked right in without a reservation though with no wait :huh:

Ate breakfast at Ohana Saturday and it was really good and the characters were really fun.


Maybe we’ll see you there! We’re also staying at Pop!
Maybe we’ll try Ohana’s for breakfast…my kids aren’t really into Lilo & Stitch so…


Your plans look good!

I agree with the Ohana breakfast…yum!