ADR Timeframe?


I know the date for making ADRs is 180 days, but is it the same if you are not staying on-site?

DD liked the idea of going to Chef Mickey’s our last morning in Orlando for her Cheer competition.


yep, its the same. when i made my adr’s last year, we didn’t stay onsite and it didn’t make a difference. they may ask where you are staying and you can always say we don’t know yet, if you are worried though.


Sooner the better is the rule. Especially for some of the more poplar things like character dining.

I’ve NEVER made adrs that far ahead, but it’s because I generally don’t make trip reservations that far ahead. Then again, I don’t go peak seasons either usually.


I agree, the sooner the better. I was there 2 wks ago and someone tried to walk in and get a table at the Coral Reef and they were told that they were booked until the end of Oct.


I just called and got a 9:30am at Chef Mickey’s for the day we’ll be flying out. I’m assuming I’ll be getting the 1:30 flight home, so we’ll need to be at the airport around noon.