ADR @ Tony's confirmed!


Yipee! Me and dd19 going to Tony’s Town Square for supper!

I lucked out and got ressies for us on November 6th for supper… hehe. Actually they had several still open. Going in November has it’s advantages. =)


It was one of our favorites. You wont go wrong. :phone:


My kiddos and I really like Tony’s also. The flatbread pizzas are very yummy and the desserts are, too.


I love Tony’s Tiramisu!!!:wub: Have some for me please!:wub:


drooling @ caseys pics

We are DEFINATELY going to split a tiramisu for desert! thanks!!!


We can’t wait to try Tony’s in a few weeks! We had it planned, then had in cancelled when the added the additional MNSSHP, but we managed to get it on another day.:smile:


Is it really that good? I looked into booking there but I looked at the menu and was like - blah :blush:. I still need to find one more place at MK to eat so maybe we will try it this trip.


we got adrs at tonys on april 9 at 6:30 for dinner good choice?