Adr window


I was just reading on all ears that the window for dining reservations was at 90 days instead of 180 days, but that it would return to 180. What is the window now? Thanks!


When I called yesterday they said that they were doing a system upgrade and cant book anything for 2009 till nov.


I thought I was behind for my next trip but I guess not!


When I booked my ADR’s for my January trip, I was only allowed to book up to Jan. 25th. I belive that Chef Mickey’s, Victoria & Alberts and CRT are both still booking 180 days out.

If I remember correctly, I think there was a post recently when someone was able to book their ADR’s for February- or atleast part of them.


i called today - they are doing feb 22 for all restaurants. may 10th for v&a, chef mickey, and cinderella