I really want to get an ADR for BOG on our next trip. I am looking for a day that MK closes at 7pm (I am assuming its for MNSSHP) What would be the latest we can book a dinner? How does it work if the party is starting and we are still eating?
I would prefer to go later in the day but not sure how this would work.

Thanks in advance


You would not notice a difference, but you will have to have tickets in order to book the reservation. I would suggest booking at around 5-5:30… The one thing that will be different is that you will have to show them a room key to get on a ride… (at least the old way). You can make ressies up until the 7pm time if you are not going to the party- I think… but book exactly at 180 days- its next to impossible to get that ressie.


Thanks! I know it is very difficult to get I have my fingers crossed!!


Does that mean we can get a late MK ressie and just not stay for the MNSSHP and still see the decorations on our way out?


Been to the party and the people without tickets are kind of nice and not to nice shown the way out. They won’t let you ride ride the rides or shop and they keep showing you the way out. You might get some candy if you want to try to sneak it. They lead you out and won’t let you go any way but out. We did have tickets all the time.


That makes sense Thanks. At this point I am just hoping for dinner at BOG!


You can get a reservation for up to 7:00 and you will be quickly escorted out of the park after you are finished with your meal. You will not have time to view the decorations as they really move you though the park! The park is decorated beautifully for the daytime. I’m not sure if they add more for the party, if so, not so much that it stands out in my memory.


I have been to the MNSSHP before so its not a big deal if we don’t see anything but I thought it would be cool to see again even for a minute. I asked the kids what they wanted to do water parks or MNSSHP. We decided as a family we would rather the water parks.


If the restaurant is not going to be open during the party, the last reservation will be no later than 45 minutes before park close. If it is still open during the party, then you will be able to make a later reservation.
If you are not party guests, you will not have a wristband, and you WILL be directed to exit the park directly. You will not be allowed to shop on MAin Street and you will not be allowed to wander very much.


WOO HOO! I got a ressie for BOG!!! It’s at 8:45pm but we get to go in. It is an EMH night so we can eat late and walk it off. I also got all the other ressies I wanted!!
Can’t wait!


Glad you didn’t have to worry about the party issue. Enjoy. :happy:


Congrats on grabbing a ressie.