ADRs and changing reservations question


Right now we have our room booked with a AAA discount thru disney. If an AP discount comes up and we switch over to that discount would we lose our ADRs? We would keep the same resort and such, just changing discount. Thanks.


ADR’s aren’t connected to your reserrvation like that. You won’t have to rebook them like if you were rebooking a room. They do ask where you are staying etc when you book a ADR, but they really don’t have anything to do with your room.


I’m almost positive that you would not lose your ADR’s. In fact, ADR’s can be made independent from the fact that you are even there on a package. I made a couple of ADR’s while well into my week at CSR. When I called the dine line, they didn’t even ask as much as which resort I was staying in.

You should be fine with your ADR’s.


Thanks, we will only need a few ADRs ( remember this is our cheap trip), but didn’t know if I would be wasting my time making them now.