ADRs done!


I just called and made my ADRs. I am so excited. I got all of the ones I wanted for the times I wanted. In case anyone is interested I will list them…

Tusker House
Cape May Cafe
Grand Floridian Cafe
Pop Food Court

Mama Melrose
Trail’s End
Kona Cafe
Tony’s Town Square
Garden Grille

I am also planning to try the T-Rex restaurant in DTD…Oh, and I called the #800 listed in the sticky. It worked. I know that it was mentioned that it was possibly not in service anymore, but it worked for me.


Glad you got your choices and times. That is a big thing. You have some nice choices. Enjoy!


GREAT picks!!!


You have some great choices there …


Looks great!
We are trying Tony’s for the first time this year. Ever been?


I have been. It is a nice restaurant…the food is not the best meal that I have had, but I thought it was good. I am going to try the steak this time.
It was our anniversary when we were there last time and we had on our anniversary buttons. The waiter surprised us with a cake for dessert. It was nice.
My DD really likes it here, so who am I to argue.:happy:


Sounds awesome!



:heart: Great choices nikki! Congrats to you!!! Making the ADRS is always exciting.:heart: :heart: Happy over-planning from this point on…lol


Everything looks sooooo good.