ADRs finally set!


As you know DH and I will be going to WDW with MissSMIG, HollyLynne and my bubba boy - Hunter.

Here are DH and mine ADRs

Friday - 11/30
Mama Melrose
Saturday - 12/1
Tuskerhouse (all five of us)
Sunday - 12/2
Wolf Gang Puck Café
Monday - 12/3
The Wave
Tuesday - 12/4
Wed -12/5
Keys to Kingdom (just DH and myself)
Restaurant Marrakesh (all five of us)
Thursday 12/6
Kona Café (all five of us)
MVMCP - as of right now all but HollyLynne

And MissSMIG, HollyLynne and Bubba Boy…

Thur - 11/29
Garden Grill
Friday - 11/30
Prime Time
Sunday - 12/2
1900 Park Fare
Monday - 12/3
Liberty Tree Tavern
Tuesday - 12/4
Coral Reef

So what are your thoughts… I have highligted everything new in green


Looks YUMMY!!! We tried Mama Melrose and Kona Cafe for the first time just a few weeks and LOVED them both. Especially Kona!!! That is now my second favorite restaurant in all of WDW behind Le Cellier. Mama’s surprised us and was REALLY good too!


I am a big fan of Kona, Tusker House and Mama Melrose. Sounds yummy!


That’s the weekend that we usually go to the Christmas party.


Those sound great. Loved mama melrose when we wnt too, but it has been a few years. Others look really good too.


Have heard good and bad things about Mama’s, but am looking forward to it.


Great ADR’s Dee- love your choices.


Was talking to DH last night and we might change one reservation, to Be Our Guest, but that is still up in the air, plus I would love to see their menu


In line with my post that this is usually the weekend we go up for Christmas stuff, I most likely won’t even make any hard plans for a couple months and likely won’t make reservations until early November.
Then again, during the Christmas party visit, we’ve been trending towards more QS.
We shall see.