ADR's Finsished...I'm so excited


I am so :happy:! only 168 days until vacation! 5 nights at BLT, and 5 nights at BCV. I made my ressies, any thoughts?

April 29 Crystal Palace
April 30 Le Cellier
May 1 Mama Melrose Fantasmic Dinner Package
May 2 T-Rex
Chef Mickeys
May 3 Sci-Fi
May 4 Ohana
May 5 Tusker House
May 6 Whispering Canyon
May 7 Teppen Edo
May 8 Tony’s Town Square

We are trying 8 new places this time and can’t wait…btw how do you get the cool countdowns on the posts?


ADRs are great…

You are going to love Teppen Edo, it is now one of our favorites.


My boys are looking forward to this one…I’m looking forward to ALL of them