ADR's for 13 nights 14 days done!


On tuesday I was up at 6:50 and I had my reservations for 10 days out booked by 7:11 with interuption from DH. I however, couldn’t get a 5:00 time for HDDR. Yesterday I decided that maybe it was a computer glich so I decided to call Disney dining ansd see if I could book it that way. No problem Aug 31 5:00. I also made a Fri Sept 2. Reservation for dinner at 'Ohana’s for 8:00pm.

Today I wake up to make my last reservation, our farwell breakfast at Pare Fare for Sept 3rd. No times available for breakfast or at any other restuarant for breakfast. Okay I’ll call Disney. I ws only on hold a minute when the lovely CM came on the line and told me I had to wait till Saturday to book my ADR despite the fact that I was staying on property and checking in on August 21. Usually I am passive and would have just said okay and hung up, but I am tired this morning, (the dogs were up before the sun) and a little cranky. So nicely I pointed out that when I called yesterday that I was able to book for Fri Sept 2.
To which I got the reply while you must have just got luck.
My reply well the website says I can book today as well
CM: Well I guess we can try then if you want
Me: Um yes please
CM: Oh what do you know it gave you a comfirmation # for 9:00am.

No Dana it wasn’t Tug, but really Disney get your stuff together. US obssessive planners, we know when we can book our dining, lol

Sorry for the rant!


Okay so here goes:

Aug. Sun 21 Arrival day - Tony’s (d)
Mon 22. - Sci Fi (l)
Tues 23 - Chef Mickey’s (b)
Wed. 24 - Tusker House (b)
- Cape May (d)
Thurs 25 - Nothing (possible going to Universal this day)
Fri 26 - 'Ohana’s (b)
- Crystal Palace (d) The kids like doing these two one the same day for some reason
Sat 27 - 'Ohana’s (d)
Sun 28 - Park Fare (d)
Mon 29 - 50’s Prime Time (l)
Tues 30 - Nothing (might be day 2 at Universal)
Wed 31 - HDDR (d) for my B-day
Sept Thurs 1 - Nothing
Fri 2- 'Ohana’s (d) round 2!!!
Sat 3 - Check out day - Park Fare (b) then hit the road for the long 21hrs home!!!

I promised the kids that I wouldn’t make any park plans this trip that they could just decide in the morning where they wanted to go, but I can’t let go of control that easily so I booked in park ressies on the day I want to be at that specific park. Hope they don’t catch on!


That’s sounds super. Is it too early to ask for a trip report?


Oh there will definately be a trip report!!!


YUMMY! That is some good eatin’! You hit alot of my favorites.


Love your choices- nearly all my favourites, apart from 50’s prime time which I still haven’t done- but its on my ‘to-do’ list- can’t wait to hear all in your TR