ADR's for August


Okay…I confess. I’ve been planning long before Disney posted August hours. But this trip is to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday so I want things to be extra special for her. We’re staying at the WL and have already signed up for the Dolphins in Depth tour.


Crystal Palace (never been)
Ohana (I love)

Brown Derby (never been but going for Lunch with an Imagineer)
Coral Reef (going to try to get a diver with a sign)

Akershus (mom’s must have)
Restaurant Marrakesh (never been, mom REALLY wanted to try this place)
1900 Park Fare (never been but can meet the Stepmother and Stepsisters)
Boma (never been before)
Le Cellier (only been during lunch want to try dinner)
Liberty Tree Tavern (we both love)

As you can see there are several never been.

So I’m interested in thoughts on the choices and recommended times to make the ADRs. I can make mine on 2/17 so I have a bit of time.


First, I have heard this is a great special program! Please take notes and share the details when you get back! :laugh:

And second, be sure to try the Grapefruit Cake! It is so unusual and delicious!


The grapefruit cake was something that first caught my eye on the menu. It sounds really good.