ADRs for July-Aug


Sunday, July 27- Me, DH, DS 17 and DSS 12 dirve from Pa to Orlando staying some
where in Florida.

Monday, July 28- Check into AKL club level room
6:45 Dinner at Ohana

Tueaday, July 29- 7:30 burgers at Sci-Fi

Wednesday,July 30- 6:35 Boma I picked Wednesday reservations here
because somewhere on this board I read this is the
night for fantastic ribs.

Thursday, July 31- 7:00a.m Sunrise sufari
6:25p.m. LeCellier (me and DH only) Boys going to DQ

Friday, Aug 1- 7:00 Tappan Edo

Saturday, Aug 2- Noon- Chefs de France

Sunday, Aug 3- 8:30 1900 Park Fare
Check out at AKL ::frown:
Check in HRH and spend day at Universal

Monday, Aug 4- Drive back to Pa.


God love ya on that drive from PA… I drove from Harrisburg (essentially) two years ago. I loved it (and would love to drive this year too, but got out-voted), but the 2 under 10 weren’t as excited with it as I was! :glare:

I think your ADRs look great. I’m hungry! :laugh:

oh, and Sunrise Safari… jeal-ous!


The plans look good. I can’t wait to hear about it when you get home.:heart:


Looks good. I would like to try the SS, but try and wake up 5 young adults for a 7 am gig. “HA”, says I.


They look good to me too. I would love to try Teppan Edo, but I keep getting out-voted.


God love ya on that drive from PA… I drove from Harrisburg (essentially) two years ago. I loved it (and would love to drive this year too, but got out-voted),

Did you dirve straight through? What time of day did you leave? I am looking forward to the drive. I dorve to Florida before but that was many ages ago so I can’t remember anything Any pointers will be appreicated.


Me too!:pinch:


I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Sunrise Safari!




We did not drive straight thru, but definitely could have. We left home around 4am and drove until about 6pm (somewhere in GA) and stayed overnight at a hotel. We didn’t have reservations, we just drove “until it was time to stop” if you catch my drift. And we had made several stops along the way, as well for breakfast and rest stops, and South of the Border, of course!! :pirate: In GA, we let the kids swim and had a nice dinner then to bed early. We checked out at about 8am and we were checked in to POP by about noon (so you see we definitely could have made it in one day).


  1. I’d say don’t be afraid to stop. We didn’t plan our stops either, just when the need arose.
  2. We also made sure that both kids had their own “entertainment”… DVD players for both, PSP or DS, CD players for both, books, puzzles, toys… and HEADPHONES! One of the DVD players stopped working mid-trip, so we stopped and bought another one on our way… it was a small price to pay for the peace and quiet!
  3. Stop at South of the Border… yes it is dirty and grimy and your basic “hole-in-the-wall”; HOWEVER, it’s funny, kitsch, and a nice diversion along the way… besides, you will be seeing the signs for 200 miles!!

We are taking the train this time (Aug-Sept) out of DC (it was $150 more to leave from Harrisburg :angry: ). It won’t be as much fun, but it’s a new mode of transportation for the kids, so it will still be fun I’m sure… and if not, there is always the bar car!! :laugh:


Ooh those ADRs sound great!! I am dying to try Boma on our next trip…especially after visiting AKL and smelling that place, oh my! :wub: :wub:

I am so jealous that you will get to experience the Sunrise Safari - that is something I have always wanted to try!! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!


Your ADRs look FABULOUS!!! And Sunrise Safari? AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to hear your review on that!

We are in New York and we drive, too. Anywhere from 15-17 hours each way…YAY! :eek: :laugh:


Those ADRs sound awesome!

Have a great time!



Thank you Tink for all the great travel tips!


I’ve never pushed Teppan Edo too hard, but you can add me to that list anyway…my man would veto that suggestion in a split second. :pinch: I think that’s why I haven’t even tried. :rolleyes:


Great ADR!! Hope you have a great time.