ADRs for October 13 - 19!


Well, I’m a little bit excited!

Oct. 13 - The Turf Club
Oct. 14 - Coral Reef - not my choice, but dd’s boyfriend loves aquariums
Oct. 15 - Teppan Edo
Oct. 16 - Narcoosee’s (just me & dh)
Oct. 17 - La Hacienda de San Angel
Oct. 18 - open - we want to be spontaneous one night
Oct. 19 - Liberty Tree Tavern - first time experience!

For Narcoosee’s, La Hacienda and the open night, dh and I will be dining by ourselves, as dd and her boyfriend want to have some “private evenings”. She’s chosen Biergarten and Restaurant Marrakesh for them.

Anyone tried LaHacienda? I’m still sort of “up in the air” about it - if I hear bad reviews, I might change.


Ah, yes… planned spontaneity! :laugh:


Looks yummy! Can’t help you with La Hacienda, never been. My kids are still way to picky for that.


And notice we planned it for our PENULTIMATE night.:closedeye


Yeah - I’m not too sure about it myself. We’re used to “Tex-Mex” food - but this is suppose to be authentic Mexican - I’ve never eaten cactus before.:blink:


:tongue: but have you ever eaten at Narcoossees before? ( I know I spelled that wrong!) We have reservations next week for the first time. To be honest it was all about the lobster!!:wub:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


We eat at Narcoossee every time we’re in Disney. My DH loves the surf and Turf. I know some people on here aren’t thrilled with it and feel the quality of food has gone down hill, but we’ve always have had great experiences with the food and the service. Hope you enjoy your meal there as much as we have.


We’re going to La Hacienda de San Angel on our trip in September. If you can wait that long for a review, I’ll let you know how it is. We are used to tex-mex too, so this will be new to us too.

I’ve read a lot of reviews on it and it seems mixed. Half the people really liked the food and LOVED the ambiance, but half the people said the food was so-so and LOVED the ambiance. We mainly want to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant we’ve never tried, and felt that this was a rather good choice.


We have dined there a few times and plan to visit again in November:smile: R2 introduced me to it as he loves the ambiance. Just mention the volcano and he :happy:. The food is supposed to be more authentic than Tex-Mex. I don’t know about that as I never had most of what is offered growing up. I’ll admit that I’m a tough one to please when it comes to Mexican food, mom’s is always going to be the measuring stick, so my opinion will be a bit skewed. Having said that, the food is good(not great) and I’ve never been unhappy with anything I’ve ordered. The last time we dined, we were part of a large party, everyone was pleased with their meal. The margaritas? YUM! The ambiance? Can’t be beat!:wub:


Thank you Pep!:flowers: I believe you’re talking about the San Angel Inn - which is beautiful with the volcano & everything. We have eaten there. The Hacienda is the new table-service restaurant that was built next to the counterservice on the water. Confusing, I know!


we ate at La Hacienda last time we were in last November… it is delicious… food was a little spicy… dd had talapia [sp] it was so very good … dh and i had a fajitas [sp] it was very good . we have adrs in September again… margaritas are good but very strong… the sangria was good. we like it better then san angel inn .


:blush::blush:Yes, of course, I was confused. Please disregard my previous blathering…:pinch::wacko:


You never blather…and confusion is my middle name.:huh:


Thanks! I’ll let you know!!


Thanks for the review! Now I feel better about it! Sangria makes everything better.:happy:


Love your choices Janice! Can’t help with your question as we’ve never been there either- but loving the others.
We like LTT for lunch- because their pot roast reminds us of home!


OK - changes. This is why I hate making plans. Too complicated to explain but now we’ve cancelled La Hacienda and Coral Reef. So now we have

Turf Club - Oct. 13
San Angel Inn - Oct. 14
Teppan Edo - Oct. 15
Narcoosee’s - Oct. 16
Via Napoli - Oct. 17
Free Planned Spontaneous Penultimate Evening - Oct. 18
Liberty Tavern - Oct. 19

I was sorry to let La Hacienda go, but - well - nevermind - too long a story.
Liberty Tavern - Oct. 19


I shall be intrigued to know where the ‘free planned spontaneous evening’ was spent:happy:


AND penultimate - don’t forget penultimate.:happy:

I do not know where we shall go or what we shall do. I’m still amazed that dh has allowed me to get the dining plan at all, because he hates restaurants (I’ve spoiled him).