ADR's for October - Done


I have made our reservations for our October trip. I have decided to go to a few favorites and then try some new ones. Thoughts on the choices?

Old faves:
Crystal Palace - BF
Sci Fi - Dinner (Kids can’t remember this one so new to them)
Ohana - BF
Akerhaus _ BF

Biergarten - Dinner
Tusker House - Dinner
Liberty Tree - Dinner
Chefs de France - Lunch


Love the concept behind the Sci-Fi, but the food wasn’t the greatest, but YMMV.

DW and I made the mistake of booking Chefs De France for a romantic dinner, place was loud…but the food was good…we should have booked the Bistro for the romantic part.

Good choices!


Your gonna love the biergarten. Tell them I said Hi. And I’ll see them in October also


My DH and I LOVE Liberty Tree Tavern! I know some people on here aren’t impressed with it, but we really enjoy it!!! Your ADR’s look great!


We too love the Liberty Tree, but we like it better at lunce time. You can order off the menu and my dh LOVES the pot roast. Desserts are really good too.


Lunch at Chefs de France is one of my favorite WDW meals! Your ADRs look great!


Glad to hear that they all look okay. Sci Fi does have some so-so reviews lately, but I thought the kids would like the atmosphere. So long as it is not horrible we should be okay. I am trying to get away from all the same places and try some new. I am not an adventurous eater so baby steps:laugh:


Yes Sci-Fi does not have the best food but if you stick with burgers and milkshakes it is awesome! We do it every trip.

Everything sounds great, have fun!



sci fi iffy food but great atmosphere and the milkshakes are to die for… tusker house not our favorite… we just did not like the food but we are not adventurous eaters… not crazy about the seasonings they used. other people love it… i like liberty tree and plan on eating there the day we do mnsshp for lunch…


You have some really yummy choices.

I wanted to do the Biergarten and Tusker House but got shot down by all. Maybe next time!