ADR's for our March 2007 Trip


We were able to call about 10 days ago to make ADR’s for our March 2007 trip. Food is a huge part of our trip, so this is always fun.

A few years ago, we started a system of picking meals. Each of the 4 of us picks one, and then we vote on the rest. This seems to work well for us, and it gets the entire family involved in the planning process.

Cinderella’s Royal Table (Family vote) - Wow… we finally got in for breakfast. I really like the new system of being able to call 6-months out from your check-in date. We had lunch here last year and thought it was wonderful.

Garden Grill (Family vote) - We haven’t eaten here in at least 5 years. To be honest, it’s not one of my favorites…but the characters will be fun.

50’s Prime Time (14-year old daughter’s pick) - We had a so-so visit here in 2003, so I was wondering why my daughter picked it. She reminded us that she was sick when we were there and wanted to re-try it. Hey, at the very least, I’ll get a PB&J shake!

Hollywood & Vine Character Breakfast (6-year old daughter’s pick) - My daughter loves the little Einsteins, so she HAD to do this. This is the first time in 3 years that she hasn’t picked Chef Mickeys.

Chefs de France (my pick) - I struggled with my pick… I like to try new places, but we’re literally running out them. My original choice was Nine Dragons, but after reading the reviews I just couldn’t do it. We’ve canceled PS’s at Chefs twice previously and we needed another Epcot place, so…

Liberty Tree Tavern (family vote) - We’ve never done it and folks seem to like it.

Artist Point (family vote) - It’s a tradition. We’ve eaten here 7 times in the last 5 years, and it’s never been less than excellent.

Coral Reef (family vote) - This was the last one in. We’re big seafood fans and the tank makes for a fun atmosphere. We haven’t eaten here in more than 5 years, and our last experience was average at best. Also, reviews have been down here for a long time. On the other hand… it’s a fantastic Dining Plan value; it’s 1 ticket, but menu prices border on Signature restaurant prices. I figure it’s worth another try.

Jiko (wife’s pick) - My wife stunned me with this pick. I’ve been pushing Jiko for years, but she’s been afraid of the kid’s there (even though they are fine at Artist Point). I’m really looking forward to this one!

Crystal Palace (family vote) - The last few years, we’ve had a tradition of eating here for lunch on our last day. I argued against it this year… our CP experience was very average last year… but I was outvoted! I really wanted to try the Plaza Restaurant. Maybe next year.

I’m pretty pleased with the mix… although it’s heavier on the buffet/all-you-care-to-eat side of things than I’d like. I’m also going to be very curious about how the dining plan will work for us; I’ve crunched the numbers and it seems like a no-brainer.



Looks like some good picks Bruce! I like how you all get to vote on where to go…we do the same thing. It a great way to get everyone excited and involved in the trip planning.

Let me know how Chefs de France is…I keep wanting to go there as well, but it always gets bumped for Le Cellier…our family favorite.

Just wondering…have you ever tried Ohana? Thats one of our favs too!


You can NEVER go wrong with Artist Point! :happy:

I hope Jiko is as wonderful as you hope. It’s definitely on my “to try” list… not happening next trip, but maybe in 2008…


We were thinking about try Artist Point for the first time next trip…is it really that good? We are staying at WL too, so it would also be convenient. Tell me whats good there if you don’t mind?!?



We’ve been to 'Ohana twice. My oldest daughter and I really like it, but my wife and youngest daughter… not so much. I’m sure that one of us will be picking it in the next couple of year.



I agree that Artist’s Pointe is spectacular. Never had a bad meal, or bad wine, there yet!

I think you’ll find that, even at 2 credits, that dinner alone will make the Dining Plan worth it.


looks like some good pics. your assesment of coral reef is on point…


G’day Bruce. When will you be at WDW? Because if you haven’t heard, I will be starring in an AK parade sometime over the weekend of of 03/09.

I can get you back stage passes to watch me (and the others).



We’re there the last full week of March, so it looks like we’ll miss you.



I guess if I read your countdown, I would have figured that out, huh? Hard to believe I used to be a detective.


Love your choices bruce! I will tell you how I make at Liberty tree in a few weeks. I am dining there for the first time for dinner. I have had their lunch one and thought it was excellent, so I expect the dinner to be about the same.


Wow! Those are great choices! I’m so excited for you and your family! :happy: :mickey:


Your plans look great, Bruce!

I’ve read the PB&J shake isn’t on the menu (not sure if it’s true) but you can ask your server for one and they’ll make it.

We like LTT but it’s far from 5 star dining–I’d give it a B. We’ve been twice and I’m sure we’ll go back on our next trip because the atmosphere and characters are great–I’d give them both an A.


I love planning the ADR’s. I have to try Artist Point, all reviews of this restaurant have been wonderful.


For a cool evening out try ESPN at Boardwalk. Great time of the year to visit ESPN as well because, as you may know, baseball spring training will be happening big style at Wide World of Sports in March

Check the info out as ESPN because once a week or so Baseball Tonight is actually filmed in the ESPN bar. One night we were there Craig Biggio was special guest. Most enjoyable.

If you are not inro sport/baseball I apologise. But if you a fan are you are in for a great vacation and you’ll be able to take the whole family to see Braves v Yankees at a very very good price (and be close). My wife is still coming down to earth after sitting about 10 yards from Derek Jeter on deck.

Back to ESPN, if you time it right, you can eat your meal, watch about 40 TV screens, then take a 1 minute walk to the bridge outside and get an awesome view of Epcot Illuminations.

So if you totally hate the thought of ESPN try Yachtsmans Steakhouse. You will still be able to end the night off by taking the short walk to see the Epcot fireworks for free.

Oh, now I remember why going in March and staying at Beach Club Villas is just the best vacation ever for me.



Get saving now and book yourself in for a once in a lifetime experience of the Chefs Table at Victoria and Albert.