ADRs for our March 2010 trip


Like so many people, we rushed to get our ADRs for our March 2010 trip which suddenly entered the “new” 180-day window. We did four family picks and everyone got to pick one of their own.

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue: That was my pick. I thought about Kouzzina, Sanaa, Hollywood Brown Derby, or Yak & Yeti -places that we’ve never tried - but I couldn’t pass up Hoop which is one of my absolute favorite things in all of WDW.

Tokyo Dining: A family pick, this will be the third time in a row we’ve eaten there.

Le Cellier Steakhouse - A suprising family pick; this will be the first time we’ve eaten at Le Cellier since the DDP started. I love the 180 day window…

'Ohana - My 17-year old daughter’s pick; it’s been several years since we’ve been there. It was a one time favorite, but we weren’t fond of the menu change several years ago.

Fulton’s Crab House - My wife’s mind blowing pick. This will be our first visit, and frankly it’s never been on our radar before. I love new places and seafood, so I’m already looking forward to this.

Rose & Crown - My 9-year old daughter’s pick; another surprise, I didn’t realize that she liked it that much. This is becoming an every trip pick.

Artist Point - A family pick; my favorite restaurant on property.

The Crystal Palace - A family pick; this is an almost every visit pick as well.

I kinda feel like we’re starting to get into a rut, but it’s hard to pass up places that you’ve enjoyed multiple times.



Sounds like some great places!! Le Cellier is our Favorite!!


I know what you mean. I like to try a new place every trip, but when you’re pressed for time, you tend to go with the sure fire winners.


I love your restaruant picks, you will enjoy Fulton’s, it is one of our favorites!

Not to thread-jack here, but just to share…
Just yesterday I booked our ressies for our March 2010 trip too!!
Surprisingly enough, even with the longer booking window, I still couldn’t get the time I wanted for the BBB, but had to settle for 1/2hour earlier, not too bad but will make for an early morning at MK!!:ohmy: I booked the Pirates League for DS7, and didn’t have any problem securing that ressie.

Here are our dining picks for this trip:
Cinderella’s Royal Table for Breakfast (a must for DD5 and DD3)
Le Cellier
Ohana for dinner - New for us
Chef Mickey’s for breakfast
The Biergarten - New for us

Wow, such a relief to have that done now!!


Your plans looks good. I know what you mean about a rut but when they’re favorites it’s hard to not book them.


With us, we do try to add some new restaurants each trip, but part of the fun in going to Disney is going back to the restaurants we enjoy. We haven’t been back to O’hana for dinner in a few years, so we decided to give it a try again too.