ADRs for our rescheduled June trip


We put the final touches on our June trip (rescheduled from our March disaster). We’ll be staying at Kidani Village, so we switched things up a bit.

Chefs de France (dinner): My wife picked this one for our first night. We’ve eaten here 2-3 times before, and it’s always been very good.

Tokyo Dining (lunch): My 11-year old picked this… it’s her favorite. We’ve eaten here on several consecutive trips and have always enjoyed it.

Boma (dinner): Seemed like the thing to do… We’ve eaten here twice; once great, once so-so.

Crystal Palace (breakfast): An early morning ADR so that we can walk down main street when the park closed. Eaten here many times, always good.

Kouzzina (dinner): My pick. I wanted to try something new, and it’s convenient if we’re at Epcot, Studios, or not in the parks at all.

Le Cellier (dinner): My 19-year old picked this. Looking forward to trying out the new menu. We’ve eaten here 3 times in the past, I think.

Sanaa (dinner): Scheduled for our “down” day, it seemed like a logical choice. Sounds very interesting, it will be our first visit.

Hollywood Brown Derby (dinner): We’ve never eaten here; I’m not sure why.

Tusker House (lunch): Another first time place. We have a late flight, so we opted for the late lunch ADR which should carry over to the dinner service.

I’m really looking forward to all of the “new” places. I was a bit surprised that I didn’t have any issues getting everything at the times that I wanted.



Sounds yummy! I haven’t eaten at any of these restaurants, I’ll be looking forward to your dining report!


Sounds yummy! We really enjoy Tusker House. It is totally different from any other in park buffett as it has unique offerings but even my very picky 10 year old found something to her liking.


Your choices look great, you have a nice mix of new and old.


Tusker House, good choice. We love it. Some people hate it, but it is a unique buffet. You have some great choices for sure!


Looks really good. LeCellier is always on our list… love their food, you will have to let us know if the cream cheese mashed is still on the menu. I loved them so much I got the recipe online and made them for Thanksgiving last year. They were perfect.


Some great choices! The only one I’d personally change is Sanaa. We were so underwhelmed by it. It’s called “African” with “Indian” influences, but it was just plain East Indian food so far as we could taste. And not really very good Indian food. It’s just sort of…meh. And…strange.


Great info! I’ll pass that on to the family.


Looks good! I’m looking forward to the TR so we can hear how you liked your choices!


yum! we are trying Tusker House for lunch this trip for the 1st time too!


Great choices Bruce! Your family always picks the way me and DD does, so it makes me smile to see who picked what. I know this rescheduled trip is going to be your best. Hope all is well with you and your family. Still thinking of you all and hope your hearts are healing.:wub:


Thanks so much Dana!


We have eaten at Sanaa twice and have really enjoyed it. I’m not sure how “authentic” it is, but I thought the bread sampler and tandori lamb were wonderful. My DD enjoys the Chai Cream. I enjoyed the wine flight as well. My dd7 requested it again for our upcoming June trip.
I love all of your ADRs - it looks like a great mix!


:wub::wub:you are most welcome:wub::wub: