ADRs for our September trip


The “cast” will be:
**DH, DS6 and myself (WDW “regulars”)
**My sister, BIL and almost 1 year old niece (they went on their honeymoom in 2001 for just a few days)
**My parents, in their late 50s, (they took us several times as kids, but haven’t been since probably 1986?) – I am SOO excited that they are going!

So, it’s my mission on this trip to make my dad “eat his words” - he’s one of those who just can’t figure out why we keep going back & back & back again. When they used to take us we never stayed onsite, there was no internet or FREE dining! That being said…here are the eating plans I’ve made.

First night - 'Ohana - finish eating in time to see MK fireworks and electrical water pageant from Poly Beach

Second night - MK extra magic evening hours and dinner at Crystal Palace (my sister :wub: Eeyore!)

Third night - Mama Melrose @ MGM - I had a Fantasmic! package booked on our original week but when we had to change the dates there wasn’t one available. I’m going to keep trying to rebook, but for now it’s w/o the FDP.

Fourth day - Lunch @ LeCellier. I’m thinking of surprising them with tickets to LaNouba this night…but I haven’t decided yet. I’d have to buy for the whole party so I’m debating, but I’ll probably do it. Either way we’ll have dinner in DTD at Earl of Sandwich.

Fifth night - dinner at Ragland Road in DTD and then take the boat back to POR to see BOB perform in the lounge. My parents will really enjoy him, I’m sure!

Sixth night - Hoop Dee Doo!! Can’t wait!! We’ll probably take a wagon ride after dinner/show.

Seventh night - We’ll be off to MNSSHP (I ordered tickets on Wednesday) and dinner at LTT. Gotta start the costume search!

Eighth (last) night - dinner at Spoodles - this has become an end-of-trip tradition for us…I hope my extended family loves it as much as we do!!

NOW…park planning and resort hopping will fall into the days. But at least the food is decided!!

What do you think??


I think your plans look wonderful. Everyone is going to have a great time. Do keep trying for the Fantasmic! package, but I think you will be ok without it that time of year. Your family is going to eat well for sure. You picked some winners for places to eat. I love that you are going to surpirse them with LaNouba tickets…that is going to be cool. After all this planning and hard work, I think you will be bringing your parents more often…right after your Dad eats his own words…lol


I agree w/Dana - don’t sweat it if you can’t get the Fantasmic package - you definitely definitely don’t need it in September.

LaNouba is great! We saw it on our honeymoon and loved it!


Your plans look great!

We got a great center seat for Fantasmic! last week w/o the dinner package and only waited about 45 minutes. We had our pick of seats less than an hour before the show so I can’t imagine September would be any worse.


Thanks Dana, EJ and DT. La Nouba will cost me about $420 to surprise our gang…since my parents are treating us all to the majority of the vacation I can probably swing it.

Any idea how long I can wait to decide and still be able to get category 2 seats?


Allyson, your plans look WONDERFUL! You’ve picked some superb places to eat, and I really hope your dad eats his words after all! :happy: That would make everything more magical! :wub: (My dad is the same way. Someday, hopefully, I can afford to drag him along for the same kind of “therapy.” :tongue:)


when are you going?


Yay!!! :c)

Your plans look GREAT! :c)


Your choices look great!
Looks like it’s your first time at Hoop de doo?
We just went for the first time in May - you won’t be dissappointed!

And Spoodles…YUM!!


Nope this will be our 3rd HDD, but the first for my parents and sister’s family. We’ll also be a party of 8 this time…so I’m hoping to get some extra attention! :wink:

Yes…Spoodles…yum, yum, yum!!