ADR's for September locked in


Sandy called 7am sharp this morning and after a 45 minute wait on hold, go through. Here goes:

Friday 9/18: 5pm Turf Grill
Sat 9/19: 4:55 Trail’s End
Sun 9/20: Garden Grill (New Choice)
Mon 9/21: 10:00am Kona for b’fast & 5:30pm Chef Mickey’s
Tuesday 9/22: 4:30pm LeCellier
Wednesday 9/23: 6:30pm Rose & Crown (New Choice)
Thursday 9/24: 4:45pm Tutto Italia
Friday 9/25: 4:10 Liberty Tree Tavern (New Choice) & MNSSHP
Sat 9/26: 4:40pm Whispering Canyon (New Choice)
Sunday 9/27: 4:30 Turf Grill Again :angel:

It was sort of an On The Fly mess for some of these places. Oddly, LeCellier was easy to get but Tony’s Town Square & Mama Melrose were not :dry:
There were no Fantasmic packages left for Mama’s any night we were there, and the only ressies for Mama’s were lunch. According to the CM Sandy spoke with there are only a few Fantasmic shows during the time we are there. She suggested just coming over one night and trying to get in regular admission. ** we had that “special” reserved seating last year and it was nothing special.
Garden Grill and Liberty Tree were both panic choices. Neither was in our original setup but when pressed for something that’s all we could come up with.
The second Turf stop was also a product of so many restaurant ressies booked that (O’Hana’s) was another with no dinner & just lunch available. Whispering Canyon was another place we like but left it off this year because we had done it 3 years in a row and wanted something different.

It was really strange. I expected issues with LeCellier & Tutto but we got those with no issues but it seemed a lot of other less popular eateries were booked to the gills or just had unfavorable time slots.


Wow, great choices… Trail’s End, Turf Club, Whispering Canyon, all some of my faves!


We love trails end. How funny with the le cellier availability. Most people are saying can’t get anything all week and now you are about the fourth person here who said “no problem”.


great choices. For some resaon we had no problem with Le Cellier also.


Everything looks yummy! Curious to see what you think about Trails End, we’ve never eaten there.


It was sort of an On The Fly mess for some of these places. Oddly, LeCellier was easy to get but Tony’s Town Square & Mama Melrose were not [/quote]

Wow - We’ve been trying to get into Le Cellier for a long time. We finally got reservations for our August trip. I hope it is good!!!

Love the description BTW, “on the fly mess” pretty much says it all! With the online system now open, it should make the dining reservations much easier!


We actually love Garden Grill…Both times the food has been great, the kids love the whole revolving aspect (should be there for one full turn while your dining) and the characters spent plenty of time with us…So for us, service, food and atmosphere were all excellent!


We like Garden Grill also. Funny, we gave up that reservation for the one at Le Cellier. However, we try to do mostly new places each trip.


Thanks everyone. Sandy and i have been trying to choose some different eateries each year, but this is our 4th straight and 5th in 7 years and it’s getting difficult. Sandy is far more picky so a lot of places are off limits. I had to fight to get her to try Boma 2 years ago and actually both of us disliked it.

With the 90 day ressies in effect it just seemed to toss a wrench into so many of our choices. No Tony’s or Mama’s this time around. I’ve heard hit & miss on Liberty Tree but because that’s our MNSSHP night i can live with it. Neither of us like Crystal Palace for dinner so it was a fairly easy choice. The spot i’m most interested in is Tutto Italia. I have to really pressure Sandy on this one so i’m hoping she likes it. Last year’s choice was San Angel and she didn’t care for it at all.
What sold me on Trail’s End a 2nd year is their Buffalo Fried Chicken. I’ve never had Buffalo Sauce inside of a chicken breast. I was amazed. Not to mention the Sweet Tea, which you can’t find all that easily in Disney. It’s supposedly not a tasty as good southern Sweet Tea, but plenty better than the McDonald’s stuff up here.



Awesome choices… Im hungary just reading them…Yummy…


Thanks WedinDisney. We were pretty happy with most of the choices and when it’s free it’s hard to moan and whine.

A lot of people like to try new things, but that always seems to come back and bite us. We can be just as happy eating at the same places each year because we know we love the food and the atmosphere.

That said, there is a certain thrill and expectation in trying something new. IE: Tutto Itailia this year.


Great choices!! Oddly enough we didn’t have any problem with Le cellier for our Sept. trip (Sept26- oct.4) I put it down to our fantastic TA but now I wonder if it’s overbooked?