ADRs for September?


Do you think that ADRs are needed for Sept. 12-19?

In 2005, we had a group of 13 and never made ADRs and got into all the restaurants with little or no wait?

This time we are a group of 7 adults & 1- 9 year old, Free Dining.
Have narrowed down our choices, made a list.

We plan our parks on what days, with Extra Magic hours schedule…
waiting for them to be released for September.
Hopefully they get announced before my window for ADRs comes up.

Thanks for your help!


Yes because free dining is VERY popular, and there are reports of people not being able to get into dining places because of the crowds of people. It has become very, very popular. I would definitely make reservations for where you would like to go.


If I were you, I would make ADRs because of the free dining promo that will be going on at that time.


yes, yes, YES!! The Free dining promotion is going to suck up all of those ADR’s!! Be sure to make them! We’ve seen too many people be turned away at the podiums!


I would think that you will definately need ADR’s for sept, especially with free dining. Not to mention the fact that your party is very large!


I think ADR’s are always necessary esp if you have particular restaurants in mind. I also don’t like the thought of waiting for an available table because that’s precious touring time that’s wasted! And, like PP said, Free Dining makes things even crazier because people who may not normally take time every day to sit down at a TS restaurant are doing it since it’s free.


Definately make the ADR’s that way you are guaranteed a table at a restaurant you really want to eat at. With the party size, you will be better off too!


I would make them as soon as you can. Sept. is a becoming popular time of year for dining with the free dining promotion.


Yes, make ADR’s when your window opens. We’ve gone the last three Septembers and every restaurant we ate at was turning walkups away.


I would agree with everyone else. We had free dining in 2006 and again in 2008 and it was busy. It even seemed like the parks wouldn’t be too bad, but head to a restaurant and it would be packed. We also noticed people being turned away last year at podiums. Make those adr’s as soon as you can!