ADR's for September!



There are going to be 5 adults 2 children and 1 infant on this trip. We had decided to do the Luau no matter what. So I said that everyone (except the baby) could pick 1 restaurant and I would work it into the schedule. So That is what I did. I am aware that The Wave does not have the best reviews but my brother really wants to try it so I am game!

Every ADR is new to me except Sci Fi and Chef Mickeys so I am excited!

Here it goes:

Saturday 9/25: Breakfast at O’Hana and Dinner at Garden Grill

Sunday 9/26: Dinner at 50’s Primetime Cafe

Monday 9/27: Dinner at The Wave

Tuesday 9/28: Dinner at Chef Mickeys

Wednesday 9/29: Dinner at Sci-Fi

Thursday 9/30: Luau at Poly

Firday 10/1: Dinner Princess Storybook in Norway

Saturday 10/2: Breakfast at Kona Cafe

Let me know what you think!



Yumm! It all sounds delicious! I like every restaurant on your list!


Oh they are great choices I have made ours too for September, and when I know my resort I’ll post ours too.


Garden Grille and Sci Fi are not worth the stop for. Italy and Germany are better choices.


I so agree with you but I am going to Germany during my May trip and the Garden Grill is DS pick b/c he wants to meet Chip n Dale and since we told the kids they could pick whatever they wanted I had to go with it!



Although I definitely have my favorites, there really aren’t too many places I wouldn’t eat at WDW. We really enjoyed Garden Grill when we had dinner there. Our last visit to Chef Mickey’s wasn’t very good, I really don’t like the redesign (and we were sitting off in a side room) so I am glad we are skipping this kid-favorite during our upcoming trip. We usually try to get into places we haven’t been before or that we have not been to in a while. There are soooo many places, seems like there is always something new to try.


The Garden Grille is a must for us because of the character interaction. The wait staff has been great for us, too.

Love the Luau. :heart:


I love that everyone was able to pick a place to dine! The choices look fantastic.


I like the idea of letting everyone pick something, everyone will feel included in the planning and it takes the pressure off the usual planner.

I like your choices, your family did a good job.


I think you have some really great picks there. The crazy thing about reviews is what one person hates, another will like, so just go and try it all and learn from your experiences.


Have I missed another change? I thought you could only make ADR 90 days out now. We are scheduled for the end of October so I need to have my dates straight.


Yes, it was changed back to 180 days.


Thanks, I would have been out of luck if I would have waited until 90 days!


I actually think that by opening them up sooner, there is less “grab and hold” going on. We booked some pretty good ADRs relatively close to our travel date.


I love your choices, I have to make mine for sept in 2 days yay:laugh: