ADRs for the first time in a year


It was SO fun to be back on the phone with a Disney Dining CM!!! It’s been WAYY TOO LONG!!!

In September we’ll be eating at:

LeCellier, Crystal Palace, Teppan Edo, Coral Reef, Spoodles & Narcoossees! YUMMY – I can’t wait!!!


Its always so good to be on the phone with Disney.

Those are some nice choices!!


Some places I have actually never heard of . . . we will have to try . . …


I’m still trying to figure out all my dining plans now as we speak. DD & DH don’t want to be so tied to a schedule of when we eat, etc. so I’m trying to decide on some but not over-do it. I really, really, REALLY hope that I’ll be able to get LeCellier for our 20th Anniversary.


If you’re going during free dining you REALLY SHOULD make an ADR for each day. If you decide to try to walk in somewhere else, or skip one, then you have that choice, but at least you won’t be down there with free dining and be searching for somewhere you can get a seat. I know about not wanting to be tied to a schedule, but if you haven’t been during free dining before - trust me. I’ve seen MANY unhappy guests. Just my two cents…

Hope you get LeCellier! I was only able to get lunch for our trip because I waited two weeks to make ADRs – I’m going to keep calling back hoping for a cancellation.


Thanks for that info Allyson it will be our first free dining and because of the cost of calling from here to make ADR’s I wasnt sure whether just to wait and do it when we are at resort.
However, after reading what you said I think it would benefit me to make a list of possible ADRs and alternatives and try to do them all in one go.


You are quite welcome! I can’t believe we’ll be missing each other by a matter of days!!! I’d would have loved to meet you! (We don’t arrive until 9/20)


Dixie, I try to plan the whole thing out and then make all, or nearly all, the reservations in one shot. Also, make sure you have alternate times and locations planned in advance as well in case your first choices aren’t available so you can minimize the length of the call.