ADR's for WDWCS arrival trip!


This Feb 7th to the 10th my family will be dropping me off at Walt Disney World for my WDW CareerStart program internship!

Here are our ADR’s. We tried to go to some new places since this isnt our vacation vacation. We are still going again in Aug!

SUN. 2/7
Tony’s Townsquare 7:50pm

MON. 2/8
Liberty Tree Tavern (first time!)

TUES. 2/9
Ohana (first time!)

WED. 2/10
Any suggestions?

We are trying to stay around MK: the park or surrounding resorts considering I’ll be doing my traditions classes and am not sure where I’ll have to be at what time yet!

Please let me know any suggestions or advice you have on the restaurants that I’ve never been to before! :laugh:


I am not sure if you have been before but I would say maybe the Whispering Canyon at the Wilderness Lodge. It is near the MK and while the food might not be the best I think the atmosphere is great.

I have eaten there a few times and each time something funny and different has happened.