ADRs made!


Well yesterday I made my ADRs for Thanksgiving week. Here is what I ended up booking:

Saturday 11/22 O’Hana 5:00 PM (repeat, by popular demand)
Sunday 11/23 Hoop De Doo 5:00 PM (first time)
Monday 11/24 Tusker House 11:45 AM (first time)
Tuesday 11/25 H&V Play N Dine 11:25 AM (first time for lunch)
Wednesday 11/26 Crystal Palace 5:30 PM (first time for dinner)
Thursday T-Day Garden Grill 4:30 PM (first time)
Friday 11/28 PSB 8:30 AM (So DD can get Princess time,
repeat from last trip)

So just an FYI there are VERY few tables at Hoop De Doo that can hold a party of 7 I got the last table for 7 available for the entire week and I called at exactly 7:00AM at the 180 day mark. I was on hold for an hour before I actually got thru but you get the point.


i think the reason about hoop dee do is that you can actually get Adrs 365 hours in advance …


They all look great and you will love Hoop Dee Doo!!! I will be at Hoop Dee Doo in a couple of weeks!!! Yea!!!:happy: :happy:


Actuallly the guy at group reservations (I had to be transferred to them for this one ADR) told me there were very few tables that sat 7. I think also being on the DDP limited us because he told me parties of 7 won’t fit in the tier 3 and DDP only covers Tier 2 & 3. So we are in tier 2.


Be sure to give a complete review!! I can’t wait! I think I’m most excited about this meal!


Awesome ADRs!


Those look great!!!


Great choices!
I can vouch for them all but Tusker House.
We are doing that one for the first time this year also.


Off the top of my head, see if you can move your meal at Tusker House up from 11:45 to 10:30 so you can do Donald’s Safari Breakfast.
The lunch and dinner meals at Tusker House are non-character. Only breakfast features characters.
H&V is off my list since Playhouse Disney characters have been added, "Ohana is good, but not something I need to repeat soon. Same goes for Garden Grill, there’s no reason you won’t like your meal, it just was a neutral experience for me and I’m no fan of family service. I’m not a Hoop Dee Doo kind of guy either.
These are just my personal opinions and I’m sure your kids will enjoy all of your choices.


Sounds good!!


I believe that has changed to 180 days like all the other Disney restaurants.


We have been trying to get in at Tusker House for the Characters in the AM since we decided to go. I don’t think it’s in the cards for us, but will keep trying. It’s very hard to score apparently.


Please keep trying that is one of the best breakfast’s I have ever been to @ WDW. Loved ever bit of it!:laugh:


Great ADR’s


We’ve done the breakfast and LOVED it but other members of my family asked to not do any breakfast meals this go around. Everybody just kind of felt yucky after a big breakfasts last time. The one breakfast we do have scheduled is only for me, DH, DD and DS as DD really wanted some princess time.


Your plans look wonderful! You are going to have a nice eating trip…you got some great ADRs


Congrats on getting great ADRs!!!
And as usual…you know where I’ll be waiting for you to pick me up on your way down to WDW.


Your above me now Bella so you would have drive down to meet me!:laugh:


Your ADRs sound great! :happy: (I need to learn to not read these things on an empty stomach…just the word “Ohana” is enough to send me into a tizzy…:blink:)