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So I’m finally realizing we are 187 days out from our trip and I’m trying to plan our ADRs. This is our first trip to Disney World. I have a 6 and a 3 year old. From advice I’ve gotten here I’ve chosen the following:

Ohana dinner
Boma lunch or dinner?
Sci-Fi (or open to suggestions for a good restaurant in Hollywood Studios)
Chef Mickey’s breakfast
Liberty Tavern or Crystal Palace?(or anything good in MK)
Le Cellier dinner
Whispering Canyon lunch or dinner
one more breakfast

Are these good choices? I’m also wondering would Fantasmic be good for a 6 and 3 year old? I open to any suggestions! Thanks!!


They all look like good choices . . . Ohana for Breakfast has the lilo and stitch characters, dinner does not!

Mama Melrose offers a Fantasmic package at HS . . . it’s worth the back stage pass to not have to wait in the long line. There are some “scary” parts to the show, but my DDs (they were 7 and 3 at the time) really liked it!


I dont think Bomas does Lunch only Breakfast or Dinner and I would choose either one .

LTT has characters only at night …

I would pick Crystal palace but thats because i love tigger


Those all look like great choices.

Ohana dinner - Dinner is great, try for a time around fireworks if you can, or walk out to the beach after dinner for the show.:happy:

Boma lunch or dinner? - Dinner or Breakfast only

Sci-Fi (or open to suggestions for a good restaurant in Hollywood Studios)-
At Hollywood Studios, we enjoy the 50’s Prime Time for dinner.

Chef Mickey’s breakfast - Yes!!! Yum!!!:mickey:

Liberty Tavern or Crystal Palace?(or anything good in MK) - LTT is a great character meal and the food is really good too.

Le Cellier dinner - Without a doubt our favorite!

Whispering Canyon lunch or dinner - again depends on your schedule. Both have about the same selections.

one more breakfast - Crystal Palace and Ohana are some our favorite breakfast places. Both have great food and the characters are super! If you don’t want a character breakfast, then my vote goes to Kona!:happy:


The Crystal Palace or Liberty Tree question really begs as to whether your kids are into Pooh & Friends. If they are, I’d suggest Crystal Palace. If not, go with Liberty Tree. We’ve also love the Chef Mickey’s breakfast and did the O’hana breakfast, which was also really good!
For HS, if you want to see Fantasmic!, I would go with the Mama Melrose suggestion for the dinner package. Otherwise, Sci-Fi or 50’s Prime Time are good with kids.

Prezcatz Paul


Are these good choices? I’m also wondering would Fantasmic be good for a 6 and 3 year old? I open to any suggestions! Thanks!![/QUOTE]

First off, just let me start by saying I’m so excited for you going to WDW for the first time!! (yayy!) We have A TON of little kids in my family, and I was one not too long ago so I think I’ll have some GREAT insight for you.

So lets get down to it! :smiley:

Ohana dinner- I think O’hana is an EXCELLENT choice, both food wise and for its exciting, energentic family fun spirit. The kids will love it!

Boma lunch or dinner?- Boma is a GREAT option for atmosphere and food. I’m a much picky eater and just like most other Disney dining options theres always TONS of all american kiddie food options (mac and cheese, hot dogs, etc.) As for lunch or dinner. I’m not sure. I did Boma for dinner, it was excellent.

Sci-Fi- Sci-Fi is REALLLLLY fun and interesting to kids. They just seem to love the atmosphere and the food is all american (hamburgers and fries and milkshakes) and quite yummy! All though the food options are quite limited. The theme-ing is PERFECTION. Another great place to consider in the HS (Hollywood Studios) theme park is 50’s Prime Time Cafe, another family favorite! It’s a really fun dining EXPERIENCE! You eat in an old fashion TV set kitchen from the 40’s and 50’s and you refer to your waitresses as Mom and Uncle, and they warn you to Eat your veggies! And don’t put your elbows on the table! It’s a really entertaining and YUMMMMMMMMMMY place to eat. SOO delicious. (Man, now I want that potroast! hehe.)

Chef Mickey’s breakfast- Chef Mickeys is a MUST for any family traveling with children. Its a yummy, fun buffet style dinner where you and your little princesses and princes will get to interact with Donald, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, and the BIG cheese himself, Mickey in a nice intimate setting. Where you aren’t being rushed! It’s a great selection of food and very yummy. Although I ate there for dinner, my friend has had breakfast there and said she loves it just as much!

Liberty Tavern or Crystal Palace?(or anything good in MK)- Now for this one may I make a suggestion for either Crystal Palace or Tony’s Town Square (themed after Lady and the Tramp). Not many people even REALIZE Tony’s is there. Its right inside the park at the beginning of Main Streets. It’s super gorgeous, friendly, and SUPER delightful and delicious! We went there last year for the first time, for my sweet sixteen and they just made it sooo special. It is now definitley a family MUST for our vacations thus forth. As for CP (Crystal Palace) I myself have yet to eat there, but from friends and family I have heard rave reviews, we are trying it this trip in August for Breakfast, I’m super excited ! :] My suggestion is to go to Tony’s for dinner and save CP for that last breakfast you have. Cause CP’s breakfast is AWESOME. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! A childs DREAM. Mickey shaped waffles. An omelete bar AND Pooh and Friends character dining!

Le Cellier dinner OMGGGGGG. Le Cellier, simplyyy perfection. In alll aspects. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. Thumbs up! A must try at Disney. It is SOOO hard to book though, so make sure as soon as that 180 days is in effect you call those Disney Dining Hotlines at 9am in the morning! Seriously, not exaggerating! haha.

Whispering Canyon lunch or dinner- I ate at Whispering Canyon two years ago now, for lunch, and I have to say I wasn’t thrilled with what I had. Then again, I had the vegetarian platter, BBQ meat is not exactly up my alley… But I would most certainly eat there ago. It’s such a fun atmosphere and kids love that place! The waiters are funny and like to tease. But its all in good fun. And also every half and hour they have a little parade for the kids (and the kids at heart) that are dining to follow the leader in a train formation around the restaraunt. Great fun! Not to mention that this restaraunt is located in the GOREGOUS Wilderness Lodge.

one more breakfast Like I said my suggestion for you is to go to CP’s breakfast. CP’s breakfast is AWESOME. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! A childs DREAM. Mickey shaped waffles. An omelete bar AND Pooh and Friends character dining! Your kids will love this! If you would like not to do this breakfast, maybe you have little princesses of your own who would like to do A Princess Storybook Breakfast in Norway @ EPCOT? The food there was awesome, although again, I was at dinner. Theres also character breakfasts at HS, such as Playhouse disney breakfast at the Hollywood and Vine, and I believe they just added a new Toy Story breakfast at H&V.

Also, another thing, and last, I promise, hehe, is Fantasmic. Fantasmic is an AWESOME, SPECTULAR, MUST SEE at Disney, how ever it can be a litttttle frightening to little princesses and princes. And even though Sorceror Mickey saves the day at the end there are some loud and dark portions of this AMAZING show. But if you have brave little ones, that love fireworks and a good show, your kids will love it! My niece was three the first time we took her and honestly, she was sooo enthralled with the fireworks colors and lighting that the loud bangs didn’t even phase her!

Sorry those were soooo long, but I hope they helped and if you have ANY other questions feel free to ask me anything!

Have fun planning!


I think Sci-Fi is a great choice, the kids should love it.

Fantasmic is a great show for kids of all ages. I wouldn’t miss that one.


I like all of your choices, Chef Mickeys and Crystal Palace are great character meals, you might want to look into the Garden Grill at Epcot too, that is a fun meal as well, great character intereaction. As far as Fantasmic is concerned, I would say it depends on your children. Both of my guys were not thrilled with it. They were 3 and 7 when they first saw it, and have not wanted to see it again.


You have great choices.

Ohana dinner isn’t character, but your kids will have alot of fun learning how to hula, marching in a conga line and doing coconut races!

Whispering Canyon is also alot of fun - pony races!!! And while you wait for your table they can play with the Lincoln Logs.

I like Sci-Fi, but like 50’s PT better at HS.

Fantasmic is pretty dark and loud. My DD didn’t like loud things for a while so we didn’t take her until she was 7 and then she loved it. They have alot of villians in it too. If you are going to Fantasmic then I would do the package so you don’t have to get there too early. We went to Mama Melrose and loved the food (the service wasn’t so hot though!) never tried H & V but that might be another choice.

As far as LTT or CP. We love both - but CP is one that is our “must-do” though.



For your extra breakfast I would do the Ohana dinner (yes–do both dinner and breakfast they are totally different experiences and both wonderful!) We have been waiting YEARS to do the Ohana Breakfast and we are doing it for the first time on this trip.
Boma for dinner is great…the buffet is huge…the food is yummy and the desserts are excellent.
Never been to Crystal Palace as I am not a huge Pooh fan but I LOVE LTT. Thanksgiving all year long…you can NEVER go wrong with that!
Whispering Canyon…do dinner! The skillets offer SO much food you’ll be needing a nap after a it. I try and aviod huge lunches at WDW because you never feel quiet right walking around on a full stomach after a HUGE meal.
Sci-Fi always gets a solid…ehhhhhh…from me. I love the atmosphere and that often outshines the food…but from what I remember the food was just sort of blah.

As for Fantasmic…I think your 3 year old will love it. Try and book a Fantasmic Package at Hollywood and Vine. You don’t have to wait in the sometimes VERY long lines that lead into Fantasmic. The only time we’ve done Fantasmic without the package children were actually stepped on, strollers were kicked. It was not pretty.


Everyone’s suggestions were great. We usually do the Mama Melrose Fantasmic package. The kids love the pizza there. Fantasmic is an amazing show. But as PP’s said there are some scary parts. My children loved the whole thing and they are 7 and 4, they also loved it last year, but the year before DS did not particularly like it. We even sat all the way in the front row last year.


Wow…thanks everyone for your great suggestions! You guys are awesome!

I’m still on the fence about Fantasmic…my dd6 is pretty mature for her age and I’m sure she would love it…my ds3 on the other hand is scared really easily. It does sound like a great show though! He’ll almost be 4 by the time we go…so maybe it will be ok.

The mickey shaped waffles are definitely a must…both my dd and ds were so thrilled when I showed them a picture. :slight_smile: I’m glad to hear they are in abundant supply.

They do love Tigger and Pooh so Crystal Palace is probably the place for us. Of course they pretty much love any and all characters. LOL

Ohana dinner sounds like a lot of fun…we don’t need characters at every meal(though I’m sure my kids wouldn’t mind!) I myself am most excited about Le Cellier. :slight_smile:

I picked Sci-Fi because I was trying to explain to my 6 year old all of the different restaurants in HS since I was impartial and she thought watching movies while you eat was the coolest thing.

Anyway thanks again for all of your advice. I really appreciate it!


How does your DS feel about fireworks? Fantasmic is loud.

For my DS, Fantasmic would have been far too much at age 4. At nearly 6, he was okay with it, but not great. In all honesty, I’d let it go this time.


You have some good choices.
Boma is only breakfast or dinner. How about 1900 Park Fare for breakfast? We also like 50’s PT at HS, but Sci-Fi is DS’s favorite. Try for Le Cellier first, it goes fast. Whispering Canyon is a blast, and we like Liberty Tree Tavern. We have not been to Crystal Palace but have heard good things. We also like Chef Mickey’s alot. We are trying O’hana for the first time in Sept. We also like Garden Grill in the Land at Epcot.


I think your ADRs sound great! You’ve really paid attention to everyone’s favorites around here!

As far as Fantasmic, I have 3 children who are now 9, 7 and 4, but they’ve seen Fantasmic many, many times, and none has ever been scared. My oldest is a big chicken, but she really loves Fantasmic, and we’ve always told our littlest that we’re going to go see Mickey fight the bad guys! She knows he’s going to win, so it’s never bothered her.


I got pretty much everything I wanted after 50 minutes on hold! Things got changed around a bit after talking to DH. Here’s what we ended up with…

Coral Reef Dinner
Crystal Palace Dinner(probably do MVMCP)
Mama Melrose Fantasmic dinner package (I’m not sure if I’ll regret this later but after I told DD about it she begged me to go!)
Chef Mickey’s Breakfast
Le Cellier Dinner
Boma Dinner
Ohana Dinner

DH only wanted to do one breakfast so we wouldn’t have to wake the kids up too early.


YAY you got Le cellier congrats


Thanks! I’m really excited to try it.


You got Le Cellier! Yay for you! You have some great ADRs and you will have a blast!


They all sound great. I am one of the very few who dont care for Boma. But thats just my taste.