Adrs september anniversary trip


so far we got cp for breakfast on. ohana bf 9/19 ohana dinner and le celliers. of course narcooses for our anniversary dinner. i only have five more to book. we would like something we haven’t done before… we are thinking mama melrose or the one in italy in epcot… any opinions.,


Great choices so far- we have made ours too for September.


We suggest Italy. We love dinner there in December.


Here are our Sept Anniversary ADRs, we have FD from a bounce back offer from last yr

Day1) Maya Grill (D)
Day 2) Tony (D)
Day 3 Anniversary) Narcossee(D)
Day 4 Trex(D) (OOP)
Day 5) Mama Melrose (L)
Afternoon Tea at GF ( kind of dinner and we will use CS if hungry later)
Day 6) Ohana(D)
Day 7) Le Cellier (D)

We love MM, the food was good and I love the atmosphere, kind of a NY Italian eattry

Ohana, Le Cellier, Trex is a must do every trip

Tonys is a first try for us as well as Afternoon Tea but have always wanted to do both

Narcossee is a first try for us(anniversary dinner) also we plan on ordering room service for breakfast and having lnch (CS) at Poly after renting a watermouse

Maya Grill is also a 1st try but we wanted to relax at our resort CSR and the new menu sounds nice and its been getting very good reviews lately, so I think we will have dinner here and then some drinks at Rix Lounge and relax for our first night.

We also like Nine Dragons, best ever General Tsos chicken ever…

Coral Reef is good, loud and service is slow but atmosphere great

Biergarten is good too, love German food

I was dissapointed in the Japanesse TS just b/c I love hibachi rice and they serve noodles but all the reviews on it are great!

I also read good reviews on Capt Grill over at the Yacht club and good reviews on Cat Coras new place Kouzinna over at the Boardwalk

I cant say I have ever disliked a meal at disney except for at Kona and Crystal Palace, my tuna oscar was very bland which was suprising after the rave reviews and seating was squiched with my family of 4 sitting in a round booth. DS is 6’2 and kept stepping on the rest of us little ppl…lol Crystal Palace also recieves great reviews but we found the buffett cold, bland and they were not replinishing it at all, and it was only 7 pm…


Exellent choices. For a romantic meal, I would do Italy. If you are looking for just another meal, go for Momma’s. I love Momma Melrose, but don’t consider it a romatic meal at all. How about the Brown Derby or Boma?


Artist’s Point at Wilderness Lodge is romantic.


The tea is fantastic!!! My DD and I went last year for her birthday and it was beautiful…We had a side table with an excellent view of the water and grounds…The tea and sandwichs tasted perfect… The service couldn’t have been any better!!


I must agree that the Tea is lovely. DD and I went in January and enjoyed it so much that it’s going to be an annual thing for us. And they actually know how to make a proper pot of tea! The scones with jam and clotted cream are:wub: (although they could have been more generous with the cream.:laugh:)


I would choose Tutto Italia over Mama’s or Tony’s every time.
We’ve done anniversaries and birthdays at Narcoossee’s and California Grill.