Adrs september finished


we got our adrs for september. 09/17/10 crystal place breakfast at 8:10 am. Tony’s dinner at 6:30 pm…
09/18/10 narcooses 7:00 pm dinner.
09/19/10 ohana’s breakfast
09/20/10. ohana 7:00 pm dinner.
09/21/10 yak and yeti dinner opinion on this one please.
09/22/10 captains grille 5:05 dinner
09/23/10 le cellier dinner at 4:00 pm the only one open for the entire week we are there.
we need to book some place for the 16th… the day we check in. we plan on doing Hollywood studies that day because they have fantasmic that night. we are only in Disney six days with one or two at universal for harry potter.


ADRs look great! Crystal Palace and Ohana are favorites and will be repeats for us in august. Typically we like to try new places every time, but there are just some that never get old!

I would love to try LeCellier some time as well, but it’s never available. Some day…