ADRs Tomorrow


Were keeping our fingers crossed. My DW makes her ADR’s tomorrow. I will let you know how she does.


Hope she gets everything she wants!


Good luck to your DW! Looks like we will be there around the same time!


Good luck hope you get all the ones you are looking for.


Good luck are you booking by phone or online? I had really good luck online!!


I just made my ADR’s this morning… only took me total of 10 minutes and I got EVERYTHING planned for… there were some dinner times I have to move around but no biggie… just like 20 min difference… I’m sure your daughter will have no problems :slight_smile: Good luck… hope you get all your magical plans!


Well I made the ADR’s for my DW and DS. I was able to get everything they want around the time they wanted. They were going to do Le Cellier and then go to the Candlelight Processional but they are going to do Chefs de France prior to the Processional and do Le Cellier another night.

I did have trouble with the on line reservations. It logged me in but would not allow the dates of the trip to come up so I had to wait for 7am and call. The CM I got was the best !!! Like I said she was able to make all the reservation we wanted.

Good luck to everyone else making their reservations…