ADRs up for grabs


Heads up all you free dining folks.

I just cancelled the following ADRS. They are all for two people.

O’hanna on 8/24 @5pm

1900 Park Fare on 8/29 @ 9:55am

Lecellier on 8/30 @ 2:50pm

Crystal Palce on 8/31 @8/31

All but 1900 park fare was completely booked ,so I just made a party of 2’s day…lol


Oh Man! I need Ohana for 5 people on 8/24! ANyway, have fun with your new plans Dana.


you may get lucky…call today. the CM said she was having quite a few cancellations today…that and the free dining people are sucking up every table in WDW…thank god I made my changes today. We actually wanted to go to WCC on 8/24, but the only seating they have was 8:40pm. I cannot wait that long for dinner. We will be getting up early that day and I know we will be half starved by 8:40pm…7pm is actually pushing it, but I plan to show up early and get the first available table like I always do…lol


Wow Dana, how come you’re making all these changes? I saw this post and thought that you had cancelled your entire vacation. I am glad to see it’s not so :smile:


Sure wish I could take you up on this! So glad you are only changing your ADR’s and not having to cancel your trip!


They are all #1 in my book.