ADRs via the Web?


Why don’t they offer making ADRs vis a vis the internet? Do they think that if a phone call is involved it is more likely the people will show up and that people might make more ADRs than they can keep on the web?


Probably not comfortable with their technology yet. Reading about all the glitches folks encounter with Disney computer systems, I’m not yet ready to trust them without human oversight.


While I think it is a good idea, I agree with Lurk. They have so many computer glitches that I would be concerned about it. If not for that, it would be great.


Because there is just so much invloved with making ADr’s on WDW’s end…I can’t see how they could possibly do it…maybe if you booked right through them and it was part of the interactive part of packages etc, but they are not going to do that for just anyone. I can see that possibly becoming a perk for WDW guests …maybe, but doubt it.


Even if it were offered, I’d always rather have a human on the other end with verbal confirmation.


Plus, imagine if a hacker could get in there somehow and mess with the ADR’s. You show up with you ressie # and they say sorry, we don’t have an ADR for you.

I like the personal interaction with the cm’s.


Me too. Planning is part of the fun and I love calling to make any type of reservation.


I couldn’t agree more…I want someone on that phone to tell me it’s all good.


I’m prefer to use the internet too. I hate being put on hold and waiting for business hours.


Exactly!!! It could be as bad as Ticketmaster!!! :pinch:


I would really like to be able to view them and print them online though. maybe you can make them via phone, but you can view the confirmations online (at the wdw site of course) and print a confirmation with all the times/places and #'s.


Excellent idea. That’s a win-win. Good for our peace of mind - good for Disney, too, because they don’t have to handle our multiple confirmation phone calls or deal with people who didn’t call to confirm and were met with “surprise” messed up or missing reservations.


I think they’ll be handled online sooner rather than later.


I would love this idea! I have called to confirm our ADR’s & the CM I got seemed to wish she hadn’t received my call. She was too quick with blurting out the ADR’s & wanted off the phone. I would have preferred to just view them & print if needed. Oh well, maybe she was just having a bad day.