Adrs when to make them?


help !!!ok is it 180, 90 0r what i am so confused. we are going dec 11 for six nights. when can i make our adrs.


You can book ADR’s now 90 days out…so if you check in on dec 11th you should get to book mid September…like the 13th or so if I calculated 90 days correctly.


thank you… they ned to stop changing things im too old :laugh::laugh:for this i get confused easy lol


:eek: They have changed it back to 180 days but I don’t think the change becomes effective until sometime in Oct.


I think you are right, because I am going in february, 90 days out is sometime in november I think, but they changed it and I think I can call on Oct. 27th and make my reservations, but boy is it going to be busy that day…:ohmy: