Going the end of October… When can I make my ADR’s?

and also

is there a character meal w/the princess’s?
My 2 (will be 3 when we go) year old is obsessed!


I am going from the 25th of octber to the 1st of november and can make my ADR’s on the 28th of April.


we are going the 22nd-29th!!

it can’t come soon enough!


Forgot to mention the character meals with princesses. Cinderella’s Royal table at the Magic kingdom park for all three meals. the breakfast can be hard to get so call as soon as you are allowed. 1900 park fare at the Grand fLoridian resort has cinderella for dinner. Norway at Epcot has a princess breakfast, lunch and dinner too. Check into the Mickey Not So scary Halloween party. That’s a blast!


Thanks Dana!


You are very welcome!


Just to add to Dana’s info, plug your dates into and they’ll give you the exact day you can make your ADRs (you can make all ADRs 180 days ahead).

Call exactly 180 days ahead at exactly 6:59am to get Cinderella’s Royal Table Princess breakfast–it’s a toughie to get! I’ve heard good things about the Princess breakfast at Akershus, though, and it’s easier to get an ADR for; but Cinderella isn’t there.

Welcome to DC!!! :biggrin:


I second Dana’s Halloween Party suggestion! We’ve gone for the past three years and love it! You have to buy a separate ticket for it, but it’s definitely worth it (and you and your little one can trick or treat all through the park!).

Also, don’t forget that the Epcot Food & Wine Festival will be going on while you’re there–be sure to carve out some time to enjoy that!

Okay, I’m done now. :happy:


I second that! The food and wine festival is a blast!


I CAN’T WAIT!!! I’m listening to the Share a Dream Come True Parade on and getting really excited about my October trip now that we’re talking about MNSSHP and F&W!! One of those I’m-so-excited-I-think-I’m-going-to-burst moments! :pinch: :biggrin:


thanks for the info!

I’ve got to try to talk hubby into the Halloween party though! he thinks my daughter is too young! (she’ll be 3 when we go!)


Does he think she’s too young because the party will be too scary, too late, or because she just won’t remember it at 3 years?


probably a little of everything!
although we took her last year and the kid still can’t stop talking about disney world!!


Aw! Sweet girl! :heart: Good luck with the convincing!


Just a comment on 1900 Park Fare–the food was pretty “blah” (Though the Strawberry Soup was a delicious surprise!)