Adults and Mickey not so scary


Has anybody gone to " not so scary " without children ?
DH and I are going in October and was thinking about going … is it fun?:pirate:


Sorry, can’t answer right now but we are ging on Sept 22nd for the first time, I can let you knw when we rerturn if that is not too late!


Yeah, sure it’s fun. You get to collect candy just like the kids and the lines on the rides aren’t bad at all.


That sounds like good enough reason for me to go! I’m thinking of planning our trip over DH’s 23rd birthday (10/3/07) which would be in perfect time to catch MNSSHP.


You also need to go because the Halloween fireworks show is different than Wishes. And for those that came in the past, but not last year, it’s a new show as well.


I didn’t know that. Thanks!


MNSSHP is for everyone. I can’t imagine you not enjoying it. It’s a blast.


You will love it!!! :wub:


My DH and I going for the first time on 9/29 and we don’t have kids.


You guys are going to have so much fun. Kids are not needed at this party for you to feel in the spirit of things. I saw many, many adult only parties running around the MK in costume. They all seemed to be having a wonderfu time as I am certian that you will too.


I received the new Passholder Monitor (or whatever they call it, I’m too lazy to walk into the next room and find out, but I’ll type anyway). There was an article about the Halloween party and one of the event co-ordinators was saying there’s a new parade this year featuring a Goofy Candy float as the end of the parade.


We’re going 9/29, too, and I JUST CANT WAIT!!! :wub:

Oh, but we have kids, but if I didn’t it would NOT stop me from going, getting candy, and having a blast! :happy: :mickey:


i cant wait for this!!

are all the rides open? coz i know at universal only selected rides are just wondered wot happend in MK?


We went last year and had more fun than DS did. FIL had a blast going through the line SEVERAL times to get candy. DS was playing in Pooh’s spot and was having fun there, he really didn’t care about everything else going on. Plus, some of the rides aimed at smaller kids were a walk on.


MNSSHP is a blast! The kids (and adults) had a GREAT time trick-or-treating all over the park!!! It was such fun!!! And you DEFINITELY don’t need kids to go. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! :cool:


Thanks guys! I am going to dust off my costume and go!


I usually dress as a ticked off tourist.


It is a great party!! It is fun to see all of the Halloween decorations in the park!!


Frankly it would be more fun without kids!


I went last year with my 1 yr old DS and DH. I think my DH and I had more fun then the baby. We enjoyed ourselves so much, that we went twice in a five day period. I think the total for candy we got was 22 lbs. We needed to buy another suitcase to bring it all home.

You have a great time!!!1:happy: