Adults Only Dinner at BCV Area



We want to have an “adults only” meal in August that is a nice break from the kids and crowds but is not too expensive in the BCV/Boardwalk Area. Some places like Shula’s, Yachtman’s Steakhouse, etc are just ridiculously expensive so they are out. It seem like it comes down to Il Mulino (Swan) or Captain’s Grill (Yacht Club). What do you think? If you vote for other, let me know where!


OH I didn’t read your post, I only voted for “other” I would send you to the Flying Fish Cafe, but now I see that you don’t want to spend oodles of money. I don’t know either of the restaurants you have listed there, so I am not help. Sorry swak :blush:


No problem. I would have gone for FF myself but one of the adults does not love seafood. I would also have gone for Spoodles but it is closing (or is closed).


Not sure if I’d go with Captain’s Grille, it isn’t that special.
Il Mulino might be a bit pricey depending on what you order, but I’ve heard it’s worth it.
Other would be Big River Grille and Brewing Works.
Also, you might consider either Shula’s Steakhouse or Yachtsman’s Steakhouse after you look at their prices on All Ears.
Those would be my suggestions.
On second thought, it’s possible that Captain’s Grille serves the same prime rib that Yachtsman’s serves.


Are you sure you don’t want to splurge a little? If you eat at Yachtsman, the side dishes are big enough for two or three people, so even though they are a la carte, you don’t have to order them for each diner. When we went in January, we made the mistake of ordering side dishes for each of us…way too much food for two people much less one. The appetizers were also generous, and we could have split that too…if we could have agreed on something. They put out a great meal.


Voted other for Big River. Good food, good price, but not much on private atmosphere if you are looking for something quiet.


This is a good idea! I haven’t eaten at the restaurants you are asking about, but I have eaten at Yachtsman and it was delicious! Sorry, not really a help! I will say this though, you can also go right over to epcot and try France or Canada!


I love the beer there!!!:laugh:


Thanks everyone. I just wanted you to know that we did decide to splurge a bit and chose the Flying Fish!!! Now the questions is - what is the best dish there that you have had???


the best dish ever at ff is the potato wrapped snapper. if you don’t like seafood, their steak is amazing-the sauce they serve it with is to die for.
We were just there last week, and they gave a complimentary creme brulee dessert with “congratulations” written on it (we were celebrating my graduation). one of the best dining experiences of the trip. Enjoy!


Last time we had the potato wrapped snapper and enjoyed it.
Their menu does change on a regular basis although they do maintain some standards, like some form of potato wrapped fish.

If you can, get a seat at the kitchen counter instead of a table.