Advance Dining Reservations calculator link


Here’s a great website to help you determine when you need to make your Advance Dining Reservations…aka…ADR’s.

PS Calculator 8.0

Thanks to emamasa for finding this link.


Thanks for the link rlander and emasmama. I have never seen this before. I usually just use my trip countdown on the bottom of my posts.


I was actually looking for this the other day…thanks for posting this. I can make my august ADr’s on 2/26…SO EXCITED!


I have always used that link, I found it on All Ears, its great because you can print it out as well. Great idea for a sticky. :slight_smile: This is the link I use.PS Calculator 8.0

Its the same page, just different layout.


I love that site, I use it every time I plan a trip.


great link Rlander. I must admit I do usually use the countdown in my signature to give me an idea but this site is much better! brilliant! Thanks so much


Great info. I just figured out why we did not get the tea party on Sunday, because it only happens M-F. Thanks.


Great link! Thanks for posting it.


I am so glad this thing is here! I was just having a little freak-out because I couldn’t figure out exactly what day I needed to call. :laugh:


Sweet link and program thank you very much!


I’ve been using this site for a while. Much better than sitting down and counting backwards or adding up the days in each month until the trip.


Not bad I was only one day off. And that was to my advatage