Advanced res. in November


My family is traveling in November and we decided to get the dining package. I have used it before and always made advanced seating. I was hoping to do this trip a little less planned and decide that day what we wanted to do. Do you suggest advanced seating, or do you think I will be ok trying to get a seating assignment the day of?


We go in November over Thanksgiving week (Mon - Fri). I am not sure when you are going in November. If it is 11/22 - 11/30, I highly suggest getting ADRs. Everything was booked last year the entire week. Since it was our first ever trip to WDW we did not coordinate our reservations with the parks we would be in at the time of the reservation. We tried to change when we got WDW and couldn’t because everything was booked.

I suggest making the reservations, you can always not attend and cancel the same day, if the reservation is not for a restaraunt that requires a credit card to hold the reservation (California Grill, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and one at Grand Floridian)


I would say make your ressies. Just in case. If you decide when your there that you want to do something else you can always change them. There are certain places that are really hard to get ADR’s for. If you go during off times such as a 4pm dinner you might get seated but might not. Especially at Le Cellier. I always think its better to have something rather than nothing planned.


Make some ADRs. It’s always possible to change or cancel them :wink:


Make them. It gives you a starting point on how to plan your day and you can always change them if need be.


Since you are paying for those meals if you do or don’t use the credits make the ADRs and adjust them if you need to. You never know what the crowds are going t be like until you get there. I have seen so many people walking around upset because they couldn’t find a place to eat.

Last December (I know, much busier time) a guy walked up at Garden Grill and asked to be seated. When he was told they were booked for lunch he said ‘But I’m on the dining plan.’ They told him they were booked and he kept telling them he was on the dining plan. They went back and forth until he finally left upset. He thought being on the dining plan was a free pass to any restaurant.

Make some plans so you are safe. Once you get there you can try to be more flexible and cancel what you no longer need. The dining plan has filled restaurants up so ADRs are needed most of the year. I wouldn’t take the chance.


I would definitely make some ADRs. It’s better to be safe than sorry and like everyone has said, you can always cancel if you change your mind. I’m going in November and I’ve made reservations for myself. When I called back in late May some of the more favorable times were already booked.


Make the reservations! You can always cancel them while you are there. Don’t pay for something you may not get to use. The dining plan is so popular now that you really have no choice.


You wouldn’t want to have to jump from restaurant to restaurant tyring to find somewhere to eat or spend alot of time at the concierege desk trying to set up reservations that could’ve been made prior to your arrival. Save yourself the time and aggravation and make your ADR’s before your trip…you’ll be glad you did, if anything you can cancel if you need to.