Adventure Room - Anyone Go There Yet?


“The Adventure Room features a pirate theme, with many detailed scenes decorating the area. Young heroes and heroines can fill treasure chests and skulls with pirate plunder, create their own seafaring hat and interact with a new Audio-Animatronics pirate named Rusty Blade and his talking parrot pal, Pollyanna. The latest Disney video games also fuel the imaginations of young adventurers.”

Just wondering if anyone has taken their little pirates there yet? And how the prices are. Looking to take DSs (6 1/6 & 13) there in June so they can spend some of their Disney Dollars at the store.

Thanks for any info…


What? No one’s been to the Pirate Part of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique yet? Does everyone have little princesses and no adventurous pirates?

I would love to hear any reviews for the Pirate Aventure Room…and pictures. My boys are wondering what’s in there and if it’s a cool place to go.


I went there and I took lots of pictures…and then accidentally deleted them before they got uploaded to my camera. It was really cool though. They have a make your own pirate hat that you can purchase. And there are lots of cool animatronic pirates and skeletons. I will take some more pics if I go in the near future. :mickey:

But it’s really fun. I liked it a lot more than the princess room. The talking princess scared me.


Thanks, Ginger. I hope to get my boys there. Just wondering if the prices are too outrageous. Looking forward to more pictures if you can.


We were there…you can fill a small treasure chest for $14 or a slightly larger skull for $18. The “fillings” were rubber eyeballs, dice, tattoos, stickers, eye patches…TONS more…I don’t remember what all else. DS LOVED it and happily spent “his” money filling up a treasure chest.


That sounds like something my DS is going to LOVE! I didn’t know anything about it until this thread–thanks!!


Every time I go, they call security…


I wonder if MIkie is too old - he’s 11, but he’s a very YOUNG 11. I would put him at 9 in comparison to the ‘norm’ (if that exsists)

Allyson, having been there, what did you think reguarding age limits?


He’s definitely not too old…there were boys (and girls) of all ages in there!


Thanks, Allyson!! :c)


Erin, I know about “young” kids. I have a young 7 year old and I think this sounds perfect for him.


Thanks everyone for giving some first hand insight on the Pirate Adventure Room. Sounds like the boys will have a swashbuckling time there.


Here’s a picture of the Pirate I took. I expected him to talk more, but he basically says a few things, the parrot talks, and then he goes to ‘sleep’. Pretty neat to get close enough to the animatronic.

They have the entrance made up to look like a pirate area, with skeletons banging on a jail cell. And lots of paraphanelia for the new movie.

As for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique- see MickeyRon’s great pics from his day there with his girls.

There was a talking princess statue that looked VERY realistic.