Adventurer's Club... one more night... 9/24/2009


I heard this on the WDW Radio podcast. They are organizing a special package, September 24-27, which includes “Exclusive dinner & show in the Adventurers Club” as part of their Everest Adventurers Weekend.

WDW Radio - Everest Adventurers Weekend

It is a private event, so to attend you would need to to participate in the package. They also mentioned “no alcohol.” Still, it sounds very cool; I wasn’t even sure if the building was still there or not.



That sounds very cool. I’m sure there are a lot of people who loved the AC and will take advantage of this.


We were never much for Pleasure Island - but we loved The Adventurer’s Club. I wish they’d move it to the Boardwalk or somewhere. It was a great evening’s entertainment.


There is another convention planned for that weekend that has a dinner event IN the Adventurers Club on Friday night the 25th.
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