Adventures by Disney - Anyone?


Anyone ever done this and what does Disney to make this experience more than just a “tour”.


My husband looked at the pricing, and was astounded at the price. For us- it would be about 1500 per day to go to Italy (last years pricing)… yikes! I think that it would be wonderful to go on anyone of them… but we will have to save up!


Yes, I just saw the pricing as well…for my 5 to go would run somewhere arounf $20K and I dont think Air Fare was included. Maybe a a trip the wife and I can take one day.


If I win the lottery- I’ll go ASAP!


Although it’s probably a pretty fabulous “adventure”, there are a lot cheaper ways to see Europe!


Airfare is included in their quotes and they are most definitely not a tour. Included is all activities, all food and they take you every where that’s any where. It’s super expensive regardless and not in my budget, but you get tons of crap in the 20K.


I would definitely like to try Adventures by Disney one day if my budget will allow. It sounds like such a hassle-free way to have a great vacation.


I would love to do one but it’s not in the budget for us.


I would love to go on one. I’ve heard great things about it. A couple on The Dream were saying they are going on their 4th one soon.


Turnwrench has done one or two, and he does nothing but rave about them. Here is an article that he wrote about his European Adventure -

“Adventures by Disney” lets you travel to the United Kingdom & France in style

He likes them so much because they take the stress out of travel, and give you more of a chance to see places as a native would. Everything is taken care of for you, and it makes travel much more enjoyable.


Like I said, too much for all of us, but would think about just the wife and I going in 15 yrs or so.