Adventures by Disney


I just saw this on All Ears. It looked interesting. I would love to go on one of these trips someday.

Adventures by Disney has announced eight new itineraries today (7/29/08) with pricing and dates to be announced later.

Eight new destinations plus 2 new signature offerings combine with 15 returning trips to give travelers even more choices for their next vacation.

The eight new itineraries are as follows:

Alpine Magic – Italy and Switzerland: Stresa, Zermatt and Lake Lucerne
Beantown & The Big Apple – Boston, Newport, New York City
Bella Italia – Central Italy: Sorrento and Florence
Gateway to the Galapagos – Ecuador and Galapagos Islands
Golden Path to Yosemite – Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco
Rocky Trails and Mountie Tales – Montana and Alberta, Canada: Glacier National Park and Banff National Park
Safari to South Africa – South Africa: Capetown, The Garden Route and Kapama Game Reserve
Taming the Last Frontier – Alaska: Fairbanks, Denali National Park and Kenai Peninsula

The Golden Path to Yosemite and the Safari to South Africa trips will also be offered as signature trips. Upgraded accommodations and more exclusive activities will plus these adventures.


I’d love to do the Alpine Magic one! Oh heck…I’d love to do them all!


They all sound like amazing trips.


The Italian one sounds really nice… anyone want to go with me?


The link didn’t work for me.
Did they list any prices?


[QUOTE=BuzzLightyear;856447]The link didn’t work for me.
Did they list any prices?[/QUOTE]

No prices. The source came from Hopefully this link works better you for.


I think someone on MB needs to win the lottery and take all of us.:laugh:


I’m trying! I’m trying!:happy:


These look great. I would love to go on some of them, especially the Italy one and the Galapagos Islands one.