Advice about Star Wars Weekends


My DH is a HUGE Star Wars fan and would love to go druing SW weekend some time. He has shared his SW love with our 7 yr old DD so she’d probably get a kick out of going as well. Here is my delimna… We have our annual trip planned for Sept. 16-23 (our school system has that week off). We’ve been this week in Sept. twice and love it because of the low crowds and lower prices. However, I’m considering switching trip dates just for my DH. The only week during the SW weekend that would work for us would be the last weekend which would make our trip date - June 4-11. Weather wise June and Sept. aren’t very differnet and I’m willing to spend a little more for the special experience for DH & DD. My biggest question for you all… what is the crowd level like? I know that lists those dates as moderate attendance. We’ve only been during the lowest attendance times so I’m a little concerned.

What do you think? Stick with our beloved Sept. or go to experience Star Wars Weekend?


Well I have been in June twice, and it is busy. But if this is something you are able to pull off without too much trouble, the Star Wars weekends are pretty cool, particularly for Star Wars fans. Just remember, if you are well prepared, you can deal with the crowds.


I think it will be real busy that week in June.
Thats a tough call.
In my expierences, I’d go with the lower crowds.


I went on my last trip in September and it was perfect… I doubt i’d be able to justify giving up a week with such low crowds for a busy week in June even taking into account that I’m a Star Wars fan.


If you are only used to going in low crowds, you will not enjoy being stuck in the masses - I’ve been to a couple of Star Wars Weekends, albeit in May, and they were always hot and crowded. Not so crowded that you couldn’t do anything mind you, but pretty busy. However, if you already take that into account, and go with an open mind and a flexible schedule, you’ll enjoy yourselves.
Your DH & daughter will have an absolute blast. If you do go, try to get her to do the Jedi training. Meeting the characters is a thrill, too.
It would be interesting to see what the crowds are like now that there are no more SW movies, however fan interest is still very high, so it should be a blast.