Advice for soap weekend


My long awaited trip (have been wanting to go to this for 10 years) will be here in 6 days. I know you have to get FP to get autographs. Should you try to get as many FP as possible? MGM can get so jammed in certain areas I just want to know the best way to get to the biggest hunks…listen to me, a grandma talking like that!! OK Ryan my pal, where are you? Who else has been? :wub:


Wow LRTJS, I have never been for Soap Weekend, but I have to say I am impressed! Fast passes for autographs?! Holy Moly!


I don’t know, but I wanted to say have a great trip! Soap Weekend sounds like fun!


Good Luck on trying to get as many fast passes as possible. You will be lucky if you even get one pass. Also it is very hard to get any sort of pass for any of the male soap stars. If you want any of the guys you will have to get to mgm studios bright and early. People start lining up at the crack of dawn to get in. This will be my 10th time going and it’s alot of fun.


Do you have room for one more… I want to go with you.


Have a great time, LRTJS!

I just think it’s funny that next weekend is my WDW trip I’ve been looking forward to for 10 years, just like you… only MY goal is to stay as far away from the Soap Weekend actitivities as possible! :laugh:


Oh no, what an awful thing to hear! I would be happy with just getting Michael Easton. I just don’t know if it is worth the crack of dawn for and standing in line for hours to get in. :crying:


Oh but if you do that you will miss the best park at DW…MGM! We alsways spend two days there. ToT amd RnRRC are just not to be missed! :cool:


Don’t worry, I’m not going to miss those… I’m just waiting until long after all the soap stars are gone!


Ok…you must be lucky enought to be able to stay for longer than the weekend! We are just going to be there Thursday and leaving Monday morning. Have fun, I hope I will but the thoughts of those crowds aren’t encouraging. I have been so many times I won’t be too upset if I miss the attractions. I have been watching soaps for over 30 years!!!


Michael Easton last year was sold out of the fast passes in 15 minutes on both days. . He is very hard to get. I will be in disney from 11/8/05 to 11/15/05.


My advice Leslie get there early I went a years ago and well I only got to see Thorsten ? ( Zack Slater on AMC now IAN on Port Charles when I went ) I want to meet Vanessa Marcell but sadly I didnt know you needed to get fast passes or tickets what I didnt know so I got there too late . it was also so crowded but I also got to see Steve burton from GH so I guess it was ok I wish I could go again and go with a real soap fan instead of My Dh who felt like a fish out of water . Oh and I love Michael Easton ( ever since he played on Days of our lives ) and then he went to Port charles and now is on OLTL I love his eyes and his body isnt half bad either LOL



Ok, if you have a car they’ll start letting you park at around 6 am and lining up outside. If you don’t it’s ok. Buses will start running at 7 am. I always take the bus and have NEVER had my first choice be out (again though since I only go for the female stars I get more because they take longer to go…since most people are women and they want to see the actors…Being a guy I want to see the women!). There are usually 100-200 people already there. Split that up between 3 shows. So you should be fine. Almost everyone gets 2 fast passes per day if you are in the first buses or if you drive and get there before then. Depending on who you want. 7:45ish there will be a little thing outside the gate with the “soap sisters”. At 8 am (give or take a couple minutes) they’ll start letting people in. They usually try and go about 100 at a time. By 8 there will be somewhere around 1000 people outside the gates. If you take the bus get there early so you can be on the first one from the resort! When you get in there will be different colored lines on the ground and signs (as well as cast members) telling you where to go for each show. General Hospital fast passes at Indiana Jones, One Life to Live at Star Tours, and All My Children at the new stunt show. I always go to GH first. You’ll be in line. It might take about 30 minutes to get to the front. You get 1 fast pass for the person you want. As soon as you get that either run back to the back of the line you were in or run to another shows line. GH and AMC go the fastest. The male actors go faster as well (good for me!). The first signings start at about 9:30ish. So make sure that you get your fast passes before that! Most (if not all) fast passes will be gone in the first 2 hours. So by 10 you’ll be free. Then you do what you want for the day. Go on rides, go watch the talk shows with the stars, etc. If you want to do the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Show with the soap stars you have to get a fast pass. These don’t go that fast and are available after you get your autograph fast passes at the WWTBAM area. You can walk and stand by the barriers and take pics of the stars, etc. That’s what I do most of the day. It’s fun. Hope that helps! The main thing is just get there early and have a plan! Know who is signing when and who you want. Have a backup plan if a person is gone. everyone except for Cameron Mathison, Walt Willey, Alexa Havins, kathy Brier, and Kirsten Storms have 2 signings per day. They go through the fast passes for the first session and then the second. So you don’t go back.


Thanks so much Ryan! I really want to get Michael Easton and would love STeve Burton too, but I bet it will be hard to get both of them. We are flying so I won’t have a car but I will be at the bus stop at the resort at 7! Being such a long time fan I would like to get Erica Slezak, I heard this was her first time to be there. Your post was a great help. I would also like to be in the audience for Soap Talk, do you have to get a FP for that?


Are they even doing Soap Talk there this year? It’s not on the schedule. Usually it’s on the main stage infront of the castle all day Saturday, but this year they are having other stuff there. As for the 2 of them. 1 each day? Erika Slezak probably will still be open after you get your first fast pass. OLTL in general (except for Michael Easton) usually takes the longest to run out of fast passes.


They are having a SoapNet table they say will be giving away prizes. I guess I just assumed they would film SoapTalk there. They are having instead Wide World of Soaps headed by Rebecca Buddig’s husband. My DH wants to see Kelley Monaco. He watches soaps out of the corner of his eye sometimes! lol