Advice for "Travel Tummy Trouble in Toronto"


I know this isn’t the most exciting thread, but I’m wondering if anyone else has the problem of someone in their family with upset tummy troubles when they travel? My DH and one of my DD’s ALWAYS have trouble with their stomachs when we travel and after 22 years of hubby missing out on all or part of our Disney vacations because of his sensitive tummy, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for helping with this. He has decided to avoid riding just about anything that involves fast or jerking motion (so no ToT, Rcn, SM, MS, …) and to just try to stick with fairly plain food, but obviously it would be nice if I knew of something that he could take or do before and during the trip so that he doesn’t have to give up half of the rides and food. Any suggestions??


Tabasco works for us. Any sign of an upset stomach and we hit the sauce.


LOL…Tabasco! You must have a stomach of iron, Cincy!

I get a travelers tummy myself. I’ve learned to deal with it over the years.
I’d suggest dry saltines, like pregnant women take when they’re feeling queasy, and other plain, dry foods. Avoid caffeine (including Coca Cola) and alcohol. Weak tea…esp the herbal ones for tummy ache would be good. Other crackers, and dry salty foods should be good too: like the airline pretzels. But slow and easy is the key.

If they have severe nausea and vomiting, you can go for the meds like Scopalamine patch for motion sickness, but those do tend to make you sleepy.


A little Ginger Ale always works for me like Canada Dry or some of the others, not Sprite or 7Up. Good ole Pepto Bismol works pretty good too.


All joking aside, whenever we feel like we have eaten something that might give us food poisioning, we take a teaspoon of tabasco and drink it. It has worked for us for years.


They just did an episode about this on Mythbusters, they tried many things but the one thing that worked on the guy who gets motion sickness really bad was Ginger pills. They even tried placebo on him and it didn’t work at all! We are going to try it on my next trip!


When I was pregnant, I craved ginger snap cookies. I had no idea why. It was funny to read later that ginger helps relieve nausea.


How funny! I wish I would have known that before I was pregnant! :tongue:


I just throw up and feel better. Followed my fav drink PEPSI. :wub:


Ginger snaps? I can do that!!! Woo-hoo!


hey thanks Pumouse! Good tip
I LOVE that show too :biggrin:


I give my daughter dramamine and it works like a charm. If she doesn’t take it she always throws up on the plane. The ginger pills are a good idea. I’m not sure there would be enough in the ginger snaps to works, though.


We do the ginger thing in our home, DS always gets motion sickness, mostly in the car. He loves candied ginger and nibbles on that, I always make some before we travel so it’s fresh. I sometimes have to give him motion sickness tablets, usually Bonine because they are chewable, he can’t (or won’t) swallow pills.
Coke always settles my stomach, works every time, DS gets his motion sickness from me.
They also sell nausea relief medication, the name brand is emetrol, which is safe for kids.


I really appreciate everyone taking the time to post these tips. I am going to make sure that I have a little of everything you all suggested and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that something works this year. DH is a little resistant at times to trying new things, but after spending the entire vacation last August staring at the ceiling of our room instead of in the parks with us, I think he’ll try just about anything now. My DD’s stomach wasn’t too bad last summer, but unfortunately she had a life-threatening reaction to cashews in the van on the way home (she was 10 and we had no idea she was allergic to any foods), so I guess tummy troubles are the least of her worries now. We are going to find out first hand how good Disney is at accommodating people with severe allergies at their restaurants! The thing that’s bothering her the most now is not being able to have desserts, candy and ice cream when we’re out. Anyway - thanks again to everyone who took the time to post - we really appreciate it!! :wub:


Stick with bottled water too. My wife swears that the tap water in WDW makes her sick.

We’ve had our share of illness issues at WDW…including one horrible week where we all ended up with the stomach flu. Sometimes I just don’t think we’ve built up enough resistance to those Florida germs.



I think the water tastes a little funky myself. But make sure and stay hydrated no matter what. I think it is easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and forget to drink water or juice or sports drinks.

Am I just dreaming this or do they have motion sickness patches???


A couple of thoughts on sickness:

  1. My DS gets heat stroke at the drop of a hat (as do I), and it results in a sick stomach, etc. So we have decided to take our next trip in the fall when it is cooler. It may be worthwhile considering whether heat has anything to do with the sickness; cold ice packs, and rest in the afternoon, helps.

  2. Believe it or not, taking a dose of Pepto Bismol every morning can help! I took it during a number of trips abroad and I am convinced it kept me from getting sick.

  3. Disney has been wonderful with our family and allergies. Both kids, and my DM, have severe asthma and Disney was great in making sure our rooms were located well and in letting you know what is in food.

Good luck!


If your dealing with the different water, different food type of tummy troubles. The kind the can keep you close to a bathroom and very uncomfortable, I second the Pepto solution. A number of us have used 2 tablets daily when traveling in the carribean and haven’t gotten sick at all. The first year, the couples that didn’t do it all got sick and those of us that did were fine.

Dealing with motion sickness and rides, the suggestions here are great, crackers, ginger-ale, etc.


I completely agree with the tap water making you sick - I avoid it altogether because it has such a funny smell and taste. Maybe that’s why I fare a little better than DH. This year it’s bottled only for him as well - along with him trying all of the other suggestions here, maybe he’ll make it onto Rock’n’RC after all!!! :wink:


mlsexton - yes, I think we have those motion sickness patches available here - maybe worth a try.
Batgirl - I’m so glad to hear that Disney handles the food allergy issue well; this is our first trip since dealing with it and we’re all a little nervous. Hearing positive feedback from those with experience really helps.
Thanks again to everyone for all of these great ideas!!!