Advice for Wife's B-Day and Anniversary?


We will be in Dinseyworld the week of December 9th-14th. December 10th is our 2nd wedding anniversary.December 13th is her birthday. Last night I went to the mall and bought a 1 karat “journey” diamond necklace, and a 1/2 karat “journey” diamond earrings set. I know for sure that Im giving her the necklace on the 13th, over dinner at Yachtman’s Steakhouse. But I just cant think of a “perfect” romantic way to give her the earrings on the 10th. I thought about maybe giving them to her during the fireworks that night (They are still doing the nightly fireworks,right ?) . If anyone can think of any possible better,or more creative (yet reasonable) way of giving her the earrings on the 10th,please help me out. I guess im trying to compensate for the fact that we really dont have any special plans for that day.We are just eating at a regular restaurant that night. We always go to Yachtman’s on the last night of the trip, just b/c its so good and its so nice in there, its the perfect place for me to give her the necklace,without having to get too creative to make the moment any more special.


I dont know how long you been married but after a while you can just throw them at her after a daily argument.:laugh: :laugh:

Only joking!:redface:


hmmm…thanks for…that.
Weve been married 2 years next month,and this was a genuine question.


Isaiah… they are definitely still doing fireworks, and I think that would be a very romantic way to present them! Perhaps you could watch the Epcot Imminations fireworks from the balcony at the Japan Pavilion, where you will have a gret view and a small crowd. I would just melt if DH gave me beautiful earrings after the fireworks show!


The only thing that may be a little less than ideal is that if you’re outside watching the fireworks, it’s dark. Kind of hard to see a beautiful gift.


What wonderful gifts. :heart: I think giving them during fireworks would be wonderful. I love Wishes at MK and it would be very special to get a gift then to me.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I will give it some more thought.


This is very romantic! I think that presenting them at the very end of the fireworks show would be a perfect time. You can’t go wrong with this great idea!