Advice from previous Pop Century guests


If they were the same rate per night, which would you choose, 60’s (preferred location) or 70’s? The money isn’t an issue here… just want to know which location people prefer.


70’s is a good central location. Not far from the parking lot is always a good thing.


we stayed in Pop 70s it was great never stayed in 60s but i am not sure it would be worth the difference. the 70s is not that far to the busses or food court.


We stayed in the 70’s facing the lake, and it was great. A short walk to everything and nice scenery, maybe a little quieter. The only bad thing was the hurricane coming in that way! :eek:


Well, we stayed in 50s facing the lake and we loved it - not too far from everything, but far enough away to be calm when we needed some peace. I don’t think you can go wrong anywhere at PC


Exactly what phayes just said. The difference in the walking distance, which isn’t much, to me isn’t worth the extra money. Save the money and spend it somewhere fun!


We stayed in 70s - it was a great location and the decorations were so fun!! The Twister board was my favorite. :slight_smile:


But Twister is from the 60’s.



Oops. lol… sorry. I thought that was in front of our building… maybe 60’s is near 70’s?? Or I got lost…? lol… I do also like the big mood rings and disco-ing people on the side of the buidling. Those I KNOW are from the 70’s. :laugh:


I think the 70’s is a great location!!!


So, what you guys are telling me is that if the two (60’s & 70’s) were exactly the same price, you’d go for the 70’s?

This question is not about the money, I just want to know what the very best location is!


This is a good question.
Iam paying the extra $$ for the Preferred and Iam renting a car, so I will be driving every day and I wanted to know which builing and parking lot has the shortest walk??? Iam more concerned coming in late at nite, walking alone with my DD :huh: . I hear the parking is much further for the preferred location guests???

What building should I request where I will also be close to Classic Hall???


Here’s a map of PC so you can see where all the buildings are.

Here’s the same thing in PDF form so you can zoom in.


No matter which way you slice it…it’s no easy breezy walk from the busstops at any of the locations…
you could be booked in the 60’s and pay the extra $$$ BUT you could be in the VERY last 60’s building, and there are 70’s rooms that are closer…
We stayed in the 80’s twice and LOVED it both times, but once, we only had a very short walk from the busstop to the room and the other time we were CLEAR across the other side of the hotel and far from the busstop…it was about a 10 minute walk (I walk slow)

ALSO, you have to think what’s important to you…do you want to roam through Classic Hall on your way to your room or cut across a parking lot …I know families with kids often need to stop for food, drinks etc…i always like to make any excuse to go through the gift shop…either way…

So my point…instead of requesting a building request a room CLOSE to Classic Hall…you wont always get it…but hey…you wont always get the decade you request either.


I love the 70s! The only thing about the 60s is that the parking is near the 50s, or in the check-in lot, which can get super busy in the mornings/early evening. The 70s I have no complaints. I feel like it’s paying for the preferred, without being preferred. Plus, when we stayed in the 60s, we were facing the kiddy pool, so we had noise til about midnight.

Well anyways- either way!


I think those maps are old!! The buildings are NO LONGER lettered. It’s based on the first number of the sequence. So if you making requests- DO NOT request 50s A building, many people there don’t know what that is. 50s A is now Building One. And so on and so forth!


oops - sorry again!! I am just no help whatsoever in this thread! :laugh:


No no! The maps are great! I just wanted to forwarn people!


we stayed in the 50’s and loved it, a very short walk to classic hall. I hear the parking is somewhat limited,though.


I agree with karliebug, we stayed in 50’s as well and it was a short walk to Classic Hall and the bus stops. I didn’t really pay that much attention to the parking situation though as we didn’t have our own vehicle.