Advice on sit down dinner at MK


Hi everyone and thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out on this. I have heard so much on making ADR’s while taking advantage of the free dining plan, which I will be doing in the beginning of September. I haven’t decided as to which days we will go to what park and so on and so forth because I am still debating on using the EMH’s myself, but what I do know iis that we will be going to MK the afternoon we arrive there since that day the EMH’s are in the evening.

Anyway, my question is “Where would a good place be to have a nice sit down dinner with my future DH on our first evening of our trip in MK?” FYI: It is just the two of us, no children as of yet. :frown: But, maybe on that note, Disney can do a little of its “magic” while we are there. :wink: :wub:

Any tips would be appreciated, because I would like to make my ADR at least for that evening since I know where I will be and when.


Welcome to DC!!! MK has “slim pickin’s” for table service restaurants. The most romantic would be Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle. Not the best food, but they’re very experienced with marriage proposals… (wink, wink). My personal favorite, though not the greatest for “date night,” is Liberty Tree Tavern. Dinner there is a character meal (Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale dressed in colonial costume) with typical Thanksgiving fare. Other options include the Plaza Restaurant (small, relatively quiet, serves sandwiches and lighter fare) and Tony’s Town Square (modeled after the famed restaurant in Lady and the Tramp, you and your fiance can act out the famous spaghetti scene!).

Those are all in the MK, but the Monorail resorts all hold fabulous culinary options. Citricos and Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian are supposed to be wonderful, and the California Grill at the Contemporary is a great place to watch the MK fireworks while dining on some of the best food at WDW. Then there’s 'Ohana at the Polynesian–a fun and filling dinner with another great view of the fireworks at the MK.

What else do you guys have planned??


I agree with bali!

Take a nice monorail ride over to either the Polynesian for 'Ohana, or the Contemporary for the California Grill! You get a pretty spectacular view of the fireworks over the castle from the California Grill too! :cool:


With no kids I would head to Ohana’s as recommended. But if you really want to stay in the park go with LTT.

And on a side note do I know you from VMK. Your name is very fimiliar?


that much is possible… i have gone to vmk a good bit as of late, you know trying to fill the gap between now and september! my name on vmk is mandapandamanda… i only wanted mandapanda, but it wouldn’t let me have it!


I think mandapanda is the one I know. :tongue: I am sure I will see you on there sometime.

Now back to your regular thread.


haven’t planned too much really. i man we have our hotel and tickets, flight and all, but past that, we really haven’t planned too much else. want to just relax and go with the flow, and since we don’t have kids yets, we will be able to do more in less time we figure.

i know i know, advice says to plan, so i will try to plan in small doses. i am getting the UG for this year, and i will get as much info from that as i can and try to keep that in mind when we get to the parks.


Crystal Palace is another choice for MK if you want to stay there.


'Ohana is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for a nice meal while at MK. We also like the Plaza Restaurant in MK for a lighter type of meal. The sandwiches are very good and a nice change from fast food.


Don’t use the Dining Plan if you are going to Plaza restaurant. Save your TS credits for a more expensive restaurant.


Except it’s hard enough to use all your “credits” at WDW. We left with 4 CS meals & 4 snacks unused.


We have an ADR at Plaza Restaurant and if we don’t use a TS credit we won’t use all of our credits. Right now we plan to use that credit at a more expensive restaurant but I just don’t know where we can fit another meal in. There is no way I’m going to be able to eat all of that food,


I will have to agree that there is not a lot of sit down meals at the MK. LTT is really great food and the characters are great. We will be trying Tony’s for the first time in a few days but I have heard mixed reviews about the food there. We will also be trying Ohana’s in a few days, or Thursday night to be exact and I cant wait to try it. We didn’t really care for the CP for dinner but I know many that do. Good luck with your planning! :mickey:


:smile: Everybody loves the Plaza! :smile:


We L:heart:VED the Crystal Palace, ourselves.