Advice please: we are new members!


Ok so we have kicked around the idea of joining a number of times, and this trip we took the plunge. DH wants to be more than absolutely sure about this so he asked me to look around & see if DVC is our best choice. (I think it is, but anyway.) I’ve looked a bit online at other timeshares but get conflicting reports about how good they are. We would like to use our points to travel to Disney hotels but also worldwide destinations as well; is this our best choice? I am going on the Disney name more than anything else. Is there anyone here that regrets joining DVC considering that they feel it’s not a good value for world travel? We love WDW so i know half of our trips will be there but want a lot of flexibility. Is it really as good as we were told in the presentation?:confused:


I don’t really have any advice on this. We looked at doing the timeshare thing a few years ago and decided not to. If we were going to buy a timeshare we would definitely go with DVC*.

There are a lot of people selling off their DVC right now because of the economy so you might be able to find some deals and get more points than buying through Disney directly.


Just so you know, resale dvc has limitations. Don’t know them exactly, as I only use mine for DVC resorts, but make sure you do your homework before you buy resale vs. direct. As far as regrets…NONE. Love the resorts. Love being able to go to Disney twice a year now. Wish I had done it a long time ago!


If you are only going to use your point at WDW or DL, then a resale could work. If you want to use your points for other locations in the “Disney Collection” check with a DVC sales rep for a copy of the language. I read that there are limitations which could even effect using resale points on a cruise.


Thanks for the input guys. I think I may have been unclear. Our doubts are not that we chose to buy from DVC directly vs resale but rather if we should choose some other timeshare like starwwod or something. We already signed up with DVC for 180 points at SSR but would like flexibility to travel to world destinations also. (England or Italy for example.) We have only ever vacationed together at WDW & are looking at continuing this but adding new places to see as well. Was wondering if people have experienced using points for destinations that are not Disney.


We are still in our 10 day cancellation window which is why I am asking for opinions. I also am wondering if it’s possible to rent points to enable us to take a cruise as we won’t have enough. I totally forgot to ask our sales rep.


DVC is the best deal for Disney property vacations within the Disney Vacation Club.

All other point trade-offs aren’t nearly as good. This includes the Disney Cruiseline, Disney Deluxe Hotels, and global non-Disney accommodations.

Now, you said that you’re buying DVC because of the Disney name. Know that with DVC, you can trade with people who are members of different timeshare companies. I’ve never looked into this, but it might be a better value to trade your DVC points for someone with a RCI/Starwood/whatever timeshare for global travel. If you want to own DVC to be a DVC member, you might prefer to go ahead with the DVC purchase and just trade out with other timeshare owners when you want to travel outside of the Disney resorts.

I’ve never looked into any timeshare other than DVC, but I know that DVC gives you points that you can use however you’d like, while other timeshares give you certain weeks of the year. What works best for you?

If your intent is to use your DVC points for global travel as well as Disney travel, I highly recommend that you hold off on your purchase until you can research other timeshare companies to see if they better fit your needs.

And yes, you can rent points if you are a member to get enough for whatever you want to do, but it is typically a far better deal to pay for a Disney Cruise out of your pocket than it is to use DVC points.


Little miss magic, thanks for the info, it’s appreciated.


I’ve been in real estate for 35 years. In all those years I’ve seen lots of changes, but one thing has remained the same…the three most important things in real estate are location, location, locatiuon.

I said I’d never own a timeshare, but I started buying and selling them on ebay, where I have actually bought a week for literally $1.

I own a lot of DVC points, all bought from the developer. It is without doubt the only timeshare I would do that.

Like all timeshares, it will loose value over time, and it does have an expiration date. But I love the flexability of the point system.

Your BEST value is at DVC resorts. There is a reservation fee to transfer into other Disney resorts (even for 1 night) or Adventures by Disney etc.