Aerobed for 1-bedroom villa


I am thinking of taking an Aerobed when we have a 1-bedroom villa, because DS and DD are giant teens that can’t really share a pull-out bed(DD is 5’7" and DS is over 6’ tall), and I am not giving up the King bed! I can’t imagine that there is a policy against it, so I thought that one kid could sleep on the pullout and the other on the Aerobed, which is incredibly comfortable. It can be deflated and stored in its bag in a matter of moments.

The Aerobed can be shipped down ahead of time, and we could just throw a sheet set in the duffel…

Has anyone ever done this, and was there any issue with Mousekeeping or management?


We actually did this in 2007 when my mom went. We atayed at POP and there was 3 adults and 2 kids so they didnt mind and they didnt make us get an extra room


We’ve done it at SSR and OKW, we used a twin sized aerobed for my kids to trade off with. I called the resort ahead of time and they said as long as we didn’t exceed the number of guests allowed in a room, they didn’t mind. My kids are big kids too (then DD 5’8 and DS 6’3) and they somehow managed to sleep together last spring break on a pull out (we had the airbed with us but they didn’t want to hassle with it). During our summer trip, DD shared a room with DMom, so there were no bed issues. We’ll be at OKW for Christmas and since it has 2 Queens per room, we won’t need it!
I’m with you…I would NEVER give up a King Bed!!


Wow you all got some giant teens, please tell me they are not 13!!


DD is 15 and DS is 16


We brought an aerobed last Thanksgiving. We had 2 adults and 3 children, though one was 17yo. There were no issues.

Based on your post, I would not expect any problems.


It sounds like a fantastic idea.


Yep, they were 13 last spring break…now they’re 14 & taller :eek::eek:DD 5’10" & DS 6’4. They’re late bloomers, so they still have some growin’ to do. :ohmy:


They can have the king when they pry the DVC membership card from my dead fingers and NOT before!!! :laugh:


I’m not tempting them with that threat! :laugh: